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The (*redacted*) King of Truck Drivers!!

kyle busch is a douchebag

I am the motherfucking KING of Truck Drivers!! You want to know why?? Because I’m motherfucking Kyle Busch. That’s why!!!   Whether you think Kyle Busch is a douchebag, or an asshole, or an insufferable twat, or the reigning King of Faggotry, or not, you have to admit that in NASCAR, at least, he is The…

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The Relegation Train Arriving On Tracks 4, 5, and 6 Is Coming In Sideways.

  Norwich City 0      Arseanal 2   The 2013-2014 Premier League season has swerved to it’s inevitable conclusion. The relegation train arriving on tracks 4, 5, and 6 is coming in sideways, and some of the expected passengers are not onboard. Before the start of the season, I made my bold predictions as…

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Chelsea 42 Arsenal 0

Chelsea  6     Arsenal 0   Chelsea had Arsenal pretty much finished off by the 7th minute of the match. By the time the Red Card Fiasco at minute 17 rolled around, and Eden Hazard slotted the penalty kick for a 3-0 lead, the game was done and dusted. And not satisfied with a mere 3…

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At The Accordion Factory

I Hate Music

Stoke City 1      Arsenal 0   I took accordion lessons when I was young, and to this day, I wish I had stuck with it. Especially now, as I look back on it, as a lot of the music I love involve accordions in some way shape or form ((or would, if I…

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The Winter Break

Knights of Columbus,  Arlington Heights IL,  1/11/2014   The English Premier just finished their Winter Break this past weekend. The second half of the season began anew at 6:45AM CST on Saturday with Chelsea’s trekking up to Hull City for a nice 0-2 win at The KC Stadium. And while that was going on, my…

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The Cowards

noel coward

Basel 1      Chelsea 0   I can name all the cowards for you right now. ((And you will note that the late great Nöel Coward is not on that list and never will be.)) The cowards are: Petr Čech, Gary Cahill, John Terry, Branislav Ivanović, César Azpilicueta, John Obi Mikel, Frank Lampard, Willian,…

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Bully For You!!

“Suck it UP, Buttercup!!”   This is what happens when I tend (try) to get serious for a moment about serious things. In my attempt to NOT write a 347 page book about the subject, I wind up glossing over things ((which is rather like polishing a turd—to use a tedious cliche….use of said cliche…

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Baked In A Pie

jose mourinho

Newcastle United 2      Chelsea 0   I’ve said many times that the Gundam always wins. Same for the Valvraves and the Variable Fighters of Macross. What I mean by that is that they always win in the end. Sometimes they have to retreat and fight another day. But on the way to ultimate victory, they…

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Look At Sven….

Norway 1      Iceland 1   For the first time in 1083 years, Iceland has qualified for the finals of a football competition. They will be in the UEFA playoffs for the World Cup final next year in Brazil. Vice-Captain Kolbeinn SigÞórsson’s goal at the 12th minute was all it took….well, that, and holding…

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Ponies Are Forever!!

Tootenham 1      Chelsea 1   All week long the broadsheets and the airwaves were sparkling with the news of the great breakup of the Jose Mourinho/AVB bromance. Friendship, evidently is not forever. It was very much as if, say,  two of the G1 Big Brother Ponies had a spiteful spat….Steamer and Quarterback for…

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The Last Man To Walk On Mars

Andrey Arshavin fans await his return to Russia…   Eugene Cernin, for those of you keeping score, was the last man to walk on the Moon. As for the last one to walk on Mars, well, the jury is still out. But in the meantime, Andrey Arshavin is heading back to Russia, to his old…

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Win Or DIE!!

fascist football clubs

Sunderland FC has a new manager   Like many people, I wonder what was going through Ellis Short’s mind when he hired Paulo Di Canio as the new head coach at Sunderland to replace recently deposed Martin O’Neill. How well was Di Canio vetted for the position? Did no one point out to Ellis Short…

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Find The Citizens

Manchester City

Everton  2      Manchester City 0   The title race is pretty much all over with. After today’s tilt at Goodison Park, there is nothing more than a spurious mathematical chance of The Citizens defending their Premier League title. They are 15 points back of ManU(re) and while it’s possible, it’s just not bloody…

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Happy Horsemeat

horsemeat scandal

Steaua București 1     Chelsea 0   When Romania banned horses and carts from roads and city streets, it set into motion a horsemeat scandal that has rocked Europe and at a glancing distance, has horrified even America as well. And, yes, donkeys were also included in that ban. After the ban, horses and donkey were…