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What Is David Moyes Up To These Days, And Why….?

This Is What It’s Come To, Again….


When we last checked in on David Moyes, he’d been appointed manager of Manchester United at the behest and recommendation on  of Sir (Lord) Alex Ferguson who was retiring after 26 years on the clock. Moyes was the former manager of Everton, and as I mentioned, was to be Fergie’s hand-picked successor.

He was Premier League Manager Of The Month for November 2013. But as January 2014 rolled on in, the wheels were coming off and the handwriting was startling to be written on the wall….in cursive….in permanent red ink.

That was the gist of it. Moyes was a good choice, but in the grand scheme of themes, probably not the right choice to replace Lord Ferg. 1 That’s more on Lord Ferg than anyone in management. Moyes, after all, had a successful career a Everton and kept that perennial upper mid-table plugger at the top of it’s game for 11 years bringing such luminaries as Tim Howard, Leighton Baines, Tim Cahill, and Phil Jagielka to the forefront, just to name a few. Moyes had a eye for solid quality and a good bargain. He lost Rooney to Man U, but we’ll let that one go since it was a battle he was going to lose anyway.

He was a good manager and a decent man, but after a mere 10 months in charge of Man(U)re, Moyes was sacked and replaced for the remainder of the season by Ryan Giggs and then on a permanent basis by Louis van Gaal, who wore a pet ferret on his head.

I wear the pet ferret around here….!!



After Everton, it’s been all downhill for David Moyes.

It’s been a world and a whirlwind of bad choices of Moyes. After Man U, Moyes was coaching in Spain, in La Liga where even though there are 20 teams listed as La Liga squads there’s really only Real Madrid and Barcelona. And sometimes on a clear day, Atletico Madrid and Valencia. All the other teams are figments of someone’s fervid imagination…remnants of the days of Generalissimo Francisco Franco…or creatures from the movie Pan’s Labyrinth…

David Moyes, at The Royal Society of Football….


Anyway, Moyes wound up at the legendary Basque club Royal Sociedad for a year. He didn’t quite fit in there, in Spain or Basque country. It was bewildering, to be honest, hat he even would up there. Why Spain and why THERE in Spain?

He would have better served feeding haggis to the players during training and making them wear kilts.

So after his wild year in Spain, Moyes was was shown the door marked Hacer el Que.



Moyes should have researched the Internet more carefully, first


So after his time hob-nobbing with Royal Society, Moyes found himself hob-nobbing with Sunderland society, taking the place of of Big Sam Allerdyce 2who held the England job for 4 days before his own unceremonious dismissal.

Sunderland….REALLY?? What was David Moyes thinking? That somehow Sunderland would be a better choice than Pan’s Labryinth just because in the English Premier League??

Hero to the rescue yet again??

Needless to say that by the tine all was said and and all was done with Sunderland and The Stadium Of Light, Sunderland after a 10 year reign at the top, was no longer in the English Premier League and Moyes resigned with immediate effect.

Quite honestly, this should be more than enough for any one man to bear. After all, the Man with The Pet Ferret On His Head (that would be Louis van Gaal for those of you keeping score down at Fat Boy Slims) retired and went on gardening leave after putting paid to his time at Manchester United.

But hey…hold that thought and stop all the presses.


There is no foreseeable living end to the heroism of David Moyes


So what is David Moyes up to these days, and Why?? Here is yet another example of where the internet was wrong. Rather than listening to the recommendations of a wonderful virtual life, David Moyes has gone and done it yet again.

David Moyes is now the newest, latest manager of West Ham United. Sitting at the moment on 10 points.In 18th place. In the Relegation Zone. He lost his opening match to Watford 2-0. Then drew at home or Leicester City 1-1. This Wednesday he faces his old team for first time in almost forever, the rudderless and soon to be manager-less Everton. Then it’s time to face Chelsea and so that will surely go badly. for Moyes

Moyes has the helm at West Ham after replacing Slavan Bilić who quite frankly surprised me with what has become his ineptitude. I truly thought he was a hard Croatian bastard. But apparently he’s been a soft, players-coach like Ray Rhodes was he coached the Green Bay Packers.


David Moyes!! What A PAL!!!!


So that’s David Moyes is up to these days. Though we’re are still not so sure about Why. In any case, I asked y’all to remember that name….Big Sam Allerdyce. Remember it?

He’s in line for, in the mix, and just might be named for David Moyes’ old job at Everton.

Ha hah!!! Estoy Usando el Internet…





  1. Then again, perhaps no one was.
  2. Keep that name in mind, btw

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