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The Curious Return Of Captain Britain

Captain Britain

Wayne Rooney Goes Home To Roost   With far less fanfare than That Villan John Terry, Wayne leaves Man U and returns to his old home club, Everton from whence he sprang into Britain’s….well, England’s at least….football imagination so many years ago. There wasn’t the major salutations that surrounded Terry’s departure from Chelsea. Which does…

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Victorian Romance Chelsea

Crystal Palace 1    Chelsea 0   The real Crystal Palace that was the pride of Victorian London burned to the ground ((despite, ironically being made of glass and steel)) in 1936. Originally built in 1851 in Hyde Park for the Great Exhibition. After the Exibition, it was dismantled and rebuilt in the far south…

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Mirror, Mirror….

Chelsea 1      West Brom 0   Saturday’s win was a win. Not as close as the scoreboard would indicate, but honestly, we have no fault but own own that it was only 1-0. Sure, Ben Foster was genius, but we made him so. Onward. Brian Reade of THE MIRROR is quite right when…

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The Elusive W

In 2023, Chelsea’s newest owner becomes bored with his team winning everything.  He decides to try his hand with NASCAR.   Imagine that. The post-Roman Abramovich era. It will be upon us someday, hopefully not soon, assuming the inherent dysfunction amongst the board and middle management gets corrected.  But what will be our fate when…

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A Plentiful Lack Of Wit

Daniel Sturridge

England 1     S. Korea 1  (4-5 on pens) It all came down to this on a rainy night in Cardiff. The roof of Millennium Stadium ((how aptly named)) was closed to the pouring rain. But as it was, the fate of Engla…..ERRRRR…GREAT BRITAIN was naught sealed off from it’s essential element. The game that could…

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Drive 300km/h. Win FREE Drink!!

formula 1 speeds

  Aston Villa 2      Chelsea 4 I’ve uncovered a snappy way for me to win a FREE drink…..but before we get into that free drink deal, what I’ve been saying all along is turning out to be true. Fernando Torres is Chelsea’s MVP. NO question about that. His presence on the pitch creates…

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Memes and Memories


I was almost too perfect too even expect it to happen, but it did. Dale Earnhardt Jr. drove the #3 Wrangler Chevrolet to victory in the Subway Jalapeno 250 at Daytona Friday night. It was a car that was an homage and tribute to his late father…a car his father drove to victory many times…