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Running Late With Toast In Your Mouth

2015 in Review, pretty much….   If you expect a look back here, a year in review and all that dross, then your expectations are pretty much wrong. Go cry into a glass of cheap champagne on your own time. Also, if you expect any New Year’s Resolutions and similar false bravado here, well…I guess…

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The LOL FangSensei Revue Of….

English Premier League

5000 words or More? NOT including pictures?? BRACE yourselves!! Get a 30 pak of BEER!   It should be fairly obvious to most that I’m not a fan of what Malcolm Gladwell calls thin-slicing. Nope. Not for me. Give me a thick slice of something or nothing at all. No tasting glasses of beer…pour me…

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Das Süße Leben

Knights of Columbus      Madison WI      7/19/2014   Once again, I can’t really think of anything to say about our Dairyland BJD Summer Meetups, so I won’t even make even a vague attempt. Unless, of course, I happen to say that this year, we had some terrific volunteers who gave us some…

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The Elusive W

In 2023, Chelsea’s newest owner becomes bored with his team winning everything.  He decides to try his hand with NASCAR.   Imagine that. The post-Roman Abramovich era. It will be upon us someday, hopefully not soon, assuming the inherent dysfunction amongst the board and middle management gets corrected.  But what will be our fate when…

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The Cutrer

Apres le 23-10 defeat by the Green Bay Packers, Bears QB Jay Cutler extols upon the virtues of Chardonnay and Foie Gras.   Jay Cutler and Eric Clapton share one thing in common. The Japanese pronounce their names wrong…a more apropos happenstance in Jay’s case. This post was meant to be about upsets, and I’m…

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March Madness

March Madness

Wisconsin 70       Kansas State 65   So…how’s yer bracket doing so far?? Are you beating the facking President Of The United States?? AS I write this, I’m trailing the President by 50 points. He’s beating my ass in the East and the SouthEast, but I got his number in West and SouthWest….he missed on…

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It’s Talladega Baby!!! Spring 2010 Edition

Tits at Talladega

It’s Talladega, Baby!!! It’s the race we’ve been waiting for!! The Aarons 499 from Talladega Superspeedway tees off tomorrow at Noon. Qualifying and all Satruday activities at Talladega have just been canceled as I write this up. The field is set by owner points and Jimmie Johnson and Matt Kenseth start on the front row.…

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Spoiler Warning

The Gundam always wins! It’s not like I’m going to tell you what happens in some current, new anime show that I happen to be watching at the moment that most of you who will be reading this will never be watching at ANY moment. I could regale you with my latest take on everything…