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The Apocryphal Symphonies, As Performed by Bongo Christ & Johnny Moustache

Bongo Christ (l) and (Not) Johnny Moustache (r)   The symphonies themselves are not all that apocryphal, but their performances by Bongo Christ and Johnny Moustache, like any or most of my stories, certainly are as apocryphal as they come. Whether or not their performances will resonate with the world any better than my stories,…

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It’s Talladega, Baby!! Fall 2014 ELIMINATOR Edition

talladega tits

It’s Talladega, Baby!! And you know what THAT means!!!   It means exactly what you think it means. But this time, it also means so much more. Meanwhile, for me it means finding some trailer court in the general vicinity of the Talladega Superspeedway which is ideally located across the railroad tracks from a women’s…

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Victorian Romance Chelsea

Crystal Palace 1    Chelsea 0   The real Crystal Palace that was the pride of Victorian London burned to the ground ((despite, ironically being made of glass and steel)) in 1936. Originally built in 1851 in Hyde Park for the Great Exhibition. After the Exibition, it was dismantled and rebuilt in the far south…

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It’s Talladega, Baby!! Fall 2013 Fully Clothed Edition

It’s Talladega, Baby!! And You Know What THAT Means….!!!   It means that instead of what is normally expected of Talladega, we are going to feature and discuss the latest fall fashions. We will have plenty of corduroy pants, flannel shirts, fleece pull-overs, down-jackets, wool socks, plaid coats, blaze orange vests, camouflage hats, Aran Isles…

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The Train To Relegation

Crystal Palace here we come!!!   Tomorrow morning (as I type this on my Adler J5), the English Premier League season begins with a tilt between Liverpool and Stoke City which will be broadcast at 6:30 AM CDT on the NBC Sports Network. NBC will be broadcasting live every game this season. They’ve been promoting…

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Find The Citizens

Manchester City

Everton  2      Manchester City 0   The title race is pretty much all over with. After today’s tilt at Goodison Park, there is nothing more than a spurious mathematical chance of The Citizens defending their Premier League title. They are 15 points back of ManU(re) and while it’s possible, it’s just not bloody…

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Meisters de Schmerzen

THIS is why I hate Science Fiction!!   I get comments from friends (and imaginary friends) about why I only write about soccer (mostly) and NASCAR (somewhat) and Formula 1 (not often enough) instead of other subjects of alleged interest (besides dignity, style and culture, of course). Why don’t I write more about science fiction,…

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The AVB Project

The AVB project

Chelsea 3     Bolton 0 Andres Villa-Boas and Frank Lampard kissed and made up. So maybe that was part of the project, or maybe not. But Lampard played his best match of the season, which is not saying much, but he showed some leadership when it was needed, and a win is a win.…

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Smoke & Mirrors


Tony Stewart Wins Sprint Cup Championship   11/20/2011 Smoke won the Ford 400 at Homestead Miami Speedway, the final race of the season to claim his the Championship of his career. He quite literately had to win that race since he ended the season tied with Carl Edwards who finished second. Despite winning the race, Smoke…

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Knocked Down Signal

Gary Speed

  Tottenham Hotspur 1     PAOK Thessaloniki 2 Just like that, the onrushing train roared through White Hart Lane, knocking down the green signal and before you could catch your breath it was gone, the signal was red, and the night was dark and silent. And Tottenham was pretty much finished and done in Europe this…

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It’s Talladega Baby!!! Halloween 2010 Edition

It’s Talladega Baby!! And y’all know what that means….after all, the first 2 letters in Talladega aren’t T & A for nuthin’ ya know. And the added bonus is that Talladega is on Halloween, and how scary will THAT be?! Yes? Break out your Jimmy Spencer masks NOW!! But as the fall edition of Talladega…

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Memes and Memories


I was almost too perfect too even expect it to happen, but it did. Dale Earnhardt Jr. drove the #3 Wrangler Chevrolet to victory in the Subway Jalapeno 250 at Daytona Friday night. It was a car that was an homage and tribute to his late father…a car his father drove to victory many times…