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The New Saints

The New Saints

B36 Tórshavn 1      The New Saints 2   I’m not the least bit Catholic, mind, but I’m all for Saints, the existence of Saints, the beatifications of Saints and the rest of (most of) the dross that goes along with, up to a certain point. It think it’s a good idea for the most part.…

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Furious, All-Out!! Full Stop.

NASCAR Lays Down The Law (again)   For those of you who’ve been lost in the spectral abyss of your divergent reality (such as it is) or too caught up in the secular notions of your half-poetic intellect, there was a little bit of argy-bargy at the end of the previous weekend’s Federated Auto Parts…

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The 5:00 Hour

Ron Hornaday

“I hope yer good and satisfied, Mr. Kyle Busch….” It’s the end of the year when the amateurs come out to drink like the pros. And of course, we all know THAT’S going to end badly. So why bother. Just because it’s the end of the year? Big deal. It was the end of the…

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The Fall Of A House Of Cards

Mr. 10 of Clubs   1929-2011 What the pundits, the powers that be, and sometimes, seeming, even the man himself could not do, God, Satan, Buddha, or Darwin and the Biologists, took care of for him. The passing of Al Davis on October 8th, 2011 will be noted with both alacrity and tribulation, but should not…

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Close My Eyes

Twente 4    Wisla Kraków 1 Just a few moments ago, I made an imaginary challenge to myself. It was a challenge on the order of CHOPPED or something similar, like EXTREME CHEF. Similar, in the metaphorical sense. Metaphorical, in the semiotic sense. Here’s a basket of 4 mystery ingredients like cove serpent, bitter chocolate, miso,…

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The Return Of Little Gidding

Norwich City 0     West Bromich Albion 1 At the risk of sounding unpatriotic and callous, I really don’t have much to say about the passing of the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The world is what it is. Life has moved along. I have nothing much to say about it that would add anything substantive to…

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Plough For The Lords Who Lay Ye Low

10 men went to mow a meadow

Manchester United 2     Chelsea 1 Manchester United wins 3-1 on aggregate If 10 Men Want To Mow A Meadow, the meadow must first be properly ploughed and planted. And it seemed, of course, that it was. Then, it must be tended with care but not meddled with….that is if not the first principle…