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The LOL FangSensei Revue Of….

English Premier League

5000 words or More? NOT including pictures?? BRACE yourselves!! Get a 30 pak of BEER!   It should be fairly obvious to most that I’m not a fan of what Malcolm Gladwell calls thin-slicing. Nope. Not for me. Give me a thick slice of something or nothing at all. No tasting glasses of beer…pour me…

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It’s Talladega, Baby!! Spring 2014 CUTE Moe Edition

Tits at Talladega

It’s Talladega, Baby!! And you know what THAT means….!!!   Actually, this time, you don’t know what that means. Let me explain. The word moe (pronounced mo-é) is a Japanese word that means, well….it means a lot of different things rolled into one. Elements of cuteness, vulnerability, embarrasment, adorableness, sweetness, all rolled into one. For example,…

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It’s Talledaga, Baby!! Spring 2012 Edition

tits at talladega

It’s Talladega 2012, Baby!! And there will be no more of THIS!! Tomorrow is the day we’ve been waiting for!! The first Talladega race of 2012. With the changes NASCAR made that were tried and shown to be true at Daytona, there should be far less of the not so vaguely homo-erotic tandem drafting, and…

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Sound O’ Sleep

girls in pajamas

    Chelsea 0     Tottenham 0 I was up this morning a LOT earlier than THESE lads were to watch this here in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin…Troll Capitol of the World. I settled into my recliner with a cup of coffee close at hand…and was soon lulled off into a nap…an extra 2 hours…

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In The Service Of Youth

Gaytona 500

Danica Patrick leads Lap 30 of the Drive4COPD 300 at Daytona Int. Speedway Sometimes it seems to me that I stop speaking out loud, thinking out loud and that all my voices are mumbling, mumbling, mumbling. I think that I’ve said something , written something, and when I look for the documentary evidence, it is…

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L’Hiver 2011

dairyland bjd forum

Norway House, Milwaukee WI,  01.08.11 I was intending to write this entire post in French, but I’m insufferably arrogant enough as it is. So why push it any further. Anyway, the Dairyland BJD Winter Meetup 2011 was held on Saturday, January 8th at the Norway House in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We had a record attendance, and…

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The REAL Manchester United

I have finally become a REAL Manchester United fan. And while I let those words sink in, I’ll state for the record right now that everyone, with the possible exception of Gareth Bale, has gotten WAAAAAAAYYYY over their skis on Gareth Bale. After Tottenham’s swell little 3-1 win over Inter Milan in the Champions League…

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The Shallow Men

shallow men beleive in luck

Last Sunday, at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana CA, the real 2010 NASCAR season began. The Daytona 500, after all, is a spectacle, an aberration, a crap-shoot, and where one finishes there is a no indication of future performance. ((Yes, I’m talking to YOU Derrike Cope)). The Auto Club 500 last Sunday was a more…

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We’re Not In Wonderland Anymore

No matter how good or satisfying the results were (to some) at Kansas this past weekend, no matter that Smoke won the Price Chopper 400 and Mark Martin increased his lead a bit….no matter how good that might be…the spectre of Jimmie Johnson and Chad Knaus still looms over all of them. Smoke and Old…

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Thick As A Brickyard 400, twittered

I’m not quite sure what possessed me to even THINK about doing this, but since I hardly have an original thought in my head, it does not surprise me in the least, despite any semblance of judgement, better or otherwise, that might reside somewhere within me, albeit deeply buried, that I actually attempted this at…