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L’Hiver 2011

dairyland bjd forum
Norway House, Milwaukee WI,  01.08.11

I was intending to write this entire post in French, but I’m insufferably arrogant enough as it is. So why push it any further. Anyway, the Dairyland BJD Winter Meetup 2011 was held on Saturday, January 8th at the Norway House in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We had a record attendance, and a grand time was had by all. But enough of the facts. Let’s move on to the truth. And that would be the dolls, for those of you keeping score at home, wherever home might be. And for those of you keeping score on Dairyland BJD, Fat Nakago is the Whose Shake Is This equivalent of LOL FangSensei.

Se divertissons mes amis!!!

Et ses fait tout. Au revoir mes cheries!! En été je verrais!!


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