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Europa’s Day

thursday night lights
false patriotismOur Nation’s 234th Typically Celebrated By Some


You maybe read the title correctly.

But…most likely not. In these days of social media and other shortcuts that act as a simulacrum of communication, punctuation as well as spelling has been hoisted with the petards that will light up the skies of America later this evening.

Europa’s Day. Heh heh. We’ll get to that momentarily.

But I’m quite sure that when some of you read the title of this piece, politics will rear it’s ugly head1 once more.

The balkanized politics of America these days has dampened the spirit of patriotism to such a degree that it’s difficult to celebrate the day that set us on the path to democracy and freedom.

The hell of it is is that the folks who tout patriotism so much have essentially devalued it’s meaning. The folks in power I’m mainly referring to. Their Liberty and Justice is Liberty and Justice for the Few & The Privileged. NOT Liberty and Justice for ALL. Of the Wealthy, By the Wealthy, For the Wealthy and to Hell with the People.

Unfortunately, that’s the Nation we’ve become on our 234th birthday.

I feel more patriotism these days about Team USA, our men’s national football team. 4 days from now, Saturday, 7/8/17, we take on Panama in the opening round of the Gold Cup at Nissan Stadium in Nashville. I’ll be glued to the TV if I’m not scheduled to work. Will any of you sunshine patriots care about America be tuned in?

See how cynical the world has made me?2

Well, I was planning on ranting on a bit more, in a metaphorical vein of course, about how Simon Bolivar liberated South America from Spain…but then everything went haywire despite democracies popping up here and there only to be torn up like weeds in a garden to be replaced with various viciously inept military juntas who ruled primarily by fear…not fear of THEM…but THEIR fear of you and everybody else which is very much like the current regimes3 running those countries except that they’re elected civilians and haven’t been incarcerating and electrocuting and chastising dissenters in football stadiums, YET. But that went haywire just like the corrupt democracies that replaced the junta’s in Brazil and Argentina.

So fuck Juan Peron and Dilma Rousseff and Lionel Messi as well as the usual suspects here in the States.

And if some of you want to4 say to me, “If you hate America so much, so go back where you came from!!” then fine, I’m off to that bastion of democracy, the Czech Republic.

Na Zdraví!



Na Zdraví!

Donal Trump Is A Worthless CuntEuropa 1    The New Saints 3


If you’re going to have a day, have day. But so far today was not Europa’s day on the pitch, despite the title of this missive. The game as write this is in extra time and Europa in down to 9 men dues to 2 red cards at the 58th minute. They’re hanging in but it doesn’t bode well.

Despite the name, Europa is playing in the Champion’s League, not the Europa League. This is the 2nd leg of their 1st round qualifier against the Welsh league champions, The New Saints. In the photo above, this match was played on the little green patch right next to the runway.

The New Saints are actually in English club, from Oswestry, Shropshie, playing the Welsh Premiere League. Right near the border with Wales.

Europa took the 1st leg in Shropshire 1-2 taking a vital away goal differential. The New Saints are set to return the favour on Gibraltar.

As I said, it’s now in extra time tied 3-3 on aggregate.

Europa is finally downed at home on a goal by Scott Quigley at the 104th minute. The game ends 1-3 and 3-4 on aggregate. And the Shropshire lads, mordantly, bring Europa’s Day to a close.



thursday night lights

thursday night lightsProgrès Niederkorn 2     Rangers 0


This is the funny and hah hah tilt of the Europa League so far, The Old Firm Rangers are going down and out….deservedly so those partisan bastahds!!

And best of all it’s a team from fackin’ Luxembourg that is wiping them off the face of the pitch. Mighty Mighty Luxembourg!!

Not a real team(allegedly) like, say, Videoton, from Hungary, who drew 3-3 away at Balzan Youths in Malta.

The heralded Old Firm team…the longtime menace to society and Celtic in Glasgow, Scotland is gone just like that.

Yes. I’ll drink to that. Haggis, and Drinks. And yes, maids. Victorian Maids.

There is no one who doesn’t like maids.


Tronald Dump



  1. And yes, I might possibly be referring to Trump’s ugly head. Yes I am.
  2. If you think I’m blaming it on the world, then you’re not thinking hard enough or long enough about this.
  3. Just like the one in our country.
  4. Ignorantly…

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