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Søren Kierkegaard’s Football Bible

jose mourinho

Chelsea 1      Atlético Madrid 3   “The more one suffers, the more, I believe, one has a sense for the comic”   After Chelsea parked two buses in the back of Liverpool’s net this past weekend, Jose Mourinho came in for a bit of criticism regarding his defensive football philosophy that toppled Liverpool…

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You’ll Never Drink Alone

Kalju 0      Viktoria Plzeň 4   Full disclosure before we press on to a promise I must break. I am of Czech heritage. My great-great grandfather emigrated from a little village called Folmava, about 40-45 miles down the road from Plzen in what is now the Czech Republic, and settled in Wisconsin in 1856.…

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Thick Slicing, Best Served With Beer….and Malt Vinegar

Hey LOOK!!!   It’s David Luiz!!   This is usually the stage of the game where I have to think of something clever to say. But good luck with that one on the day, I guess. We’ll ((or I’ll)) have to see what happens. If I can figure out a surefire way to hook up…

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A Giant Killing

giant killing

Norwich City 0      Luton Town 1   This afternoon (or morning, as it was for me here in Wisconsin), my Canaries went down to a historic defeat in front of their home crowd at Carrow Road. it was a giant killing of historic proportions. Not since 1989 has a Premier League squad been…

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  Leeds United 1       Chelsea 5 Chelsea 8      Aston Villa 0   The orders were hooped up to Rafa Benitez somewhere between Leeds and Wakefield. I can almost imagine one of Roman Abramovich’s minions hiding the weeds across from Thorpe Wood hooping the orders up and getting his arm torn off in the…

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The Elusive W

In 2023, Chelsea’s newest owner becomes bored with his team winning everything.  He decides to try his hand with NASCAR.   Imagine that. The post-Roman Abramovich era. It will be upon us someday, hopefully not soon, assuming the inherent dysfunction amongst the board and middle management gets corrected.  But what will be our fate when…

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It’s Talledaga, Baby!! Spring 2012 Edition

tits at talladega

It’s Talladega 2012, Baby!! And there will be no more of THIS!! Tomorrow is the day we’ve been waiting for!! The first Talladega race of 2012. With the changes NASCAR made that were tried and shown to be true at Daytona, there should be far less of the not so vaguely homo-erotic tandem drafting, and…

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One Too Many Magpies

rozen maiden

Chelsea 0     Papiss  Cissé 2 I can keep this one short and not so sweet. Certain players for Chelsea, the usual suspects as it were  ((Malouda, Meireles, Danny Sturridge)), played like donkeys. Papiss Cissé for Newcastle played like the world class striker he’s become. And the result was a 0-2 loss to the…

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Hotspurs Bugger Young Boys 4-0

I made a list of things to write about this week from the sporting world that taken as a whole have little to do with one another. But as usual, this does not stop me from trying to find some common thread. There simply HAS to a fearful symmetry somewhere in the interstices between Joey…