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You’ll Never Drink Alone





drink3Kalju 0      Viktoria Plzeň 4


Full disclosure before we press on to a promise I must break. I am of Czech heritage. My great-great grandfather emigrated from a little village called Folmava, about 40-45 miles down the road from Plzen in what is now the Czech Republic, and settled in Wisconsin in 1856. So what the fock team do you THINK I’m going to support from the Czech Republic? Therefore….

Marian Čišovský’s hat trick and a Michal Duras tap in at the 67th minute thrilled the 6 or 7 ultra’s who made the trip to Tallinn…..they were happy as little girls and so was I as Viktoria Plzeň ran out winners in the opening leg of their Champions League tilt with Nõmme Kalju. It was cool watching this on Czech television. And from the start, Viktoria was clearly the superior team. What caught my eye was a banner hanging from the railing by the visiting team’s end. There weren’t a lot of visiting fans their, but the banner was in Plzeň’s colours and read ALKOTURISTE PLZEN….and underneath that it read You’ll Never Drink Alone ((above was the same in Czech)). I thought this was very cool…5 or 7 truly dedicated fans who obviously like to have a few pops, tote this big banner from Plzen, Czech Republic to Talinn, Estonia and are on their feet singing and cheering from beginning to end. What was also very cool was when the match was over, then entire Plzen squad walked over to them and bowed and then cheered with their Alkoturiste fans. Great match. Fun stuff. I wish I’d been there…except for the fact that it was in Estonia, of course.






drink9Není to Znovu!!!


I promised that I would not mention the NFL until the Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl. But circumstances have intervened…a week of fucktardary and racist stupidly have set the wheels in motion, the pundits ablaze, and dismay, alacrity and other dull tedious shite rule the day.

Until Philadelphia Eagles WR Riley Cooper called a bunch of black people a bunch of niggers ((sorry, but that’s the word his used, like or not)) while at a Kenny Chesney concert, I had never ever heard of him to be honest, even though he’s been in the NFL for 2 years. Of course, I really don’t give a toss about the Philadelphia Eagles, so who Mike Vick tosses the rock to is none my concern unless they happen to p;lay the Green Bay Packers.

But now Riley Cooper is Mr. Talk o’ The Town.

Was it just a stupid momentary mistake on the lad’s part, or emblematic of something deeper?

I saw the video, and while the context in the video is not entirely clear…I mean, he’s a Kenny Chesney concert and want to fight all the black dudes there and there can’t be all that many, right?…..the vitriol in his voice certainly is.

If this were England, Riley Cooper would have even MORE grief than he’s got right now. He’d be up on Racially Motivated Public Order Offense charges….the same sort of charge that John Terry faced for (allegedly) calling Anton Ferdinand  a fucking black cunt. Terry didn’t even have to use the N word to get charged with a crime. Luis Suarez called Patrice Evra  Negrito (little negro…used in colloquial Spanish more as a term of affection) and was suspended for 6 games less than he was suspended for biting Branislav Ivanovich.

So Riley Copper can be thankful he plays in the NFL and not for some Philadelphia Eagles equivalent in the EPL. All the same, the stupid fuck is deservedly facing the wrath a lot of his teammates, and players throughout the league, both black and white.  Mike Vick is willing to forgive him, but though that’s probably more akin of Mussolini forgiving Hitler, or vice versa.

Instead of the law of the land, Cooper will only  have to face the law of the locker-room and  while THAT law can ofttimes be far more harsh at least he’s not charged with a literal crime.

John Terry, btw was acquitted in a court of law. Luis Suarez, was never charged, but served an FA imposed suspension and  paid a 40,000 fine. Except for ManU(re) fans, neither player is actually considered to be racist, especially by their peers. Us Chelsea fans are and always will be of the belief that Luis Suarez is a terrifying true vampire, but not a racist.

Riley Cooper, instead, despite any sensitivity training he might go through, will always be thought of as racist for the harshness of the language he used. Maybe, instead of using the N word, if he’d said he come back in to that Kenny Chesney concert and fight all the fucking black cunts there, this tempest in a teapot would have been noted with alacrity and soon forgotten. Or not. If his teammates don’t forgive him, and the team moves on from this without him, his NFL career is essentially over since no one else will want the baggage he brings. If he does stick, then he faces a VERY long hard season as pretty much every black defensive player in the NFL will be out to stick it to dumb white racist motherfucker as hard as they can and nock his fuckin’ helmet off. I know that I would.

“Hey Whitey…where’s your hat!?”

And with that, I NOW promise to never write another word about the NFL until the Packers win the Super Bowl!



drink4Viktoria Plzeň 4      Baník Ostrava 0


I don’t have a cold Plzeňský Prazdroj to raise in toast, but I do have a cold DAB. So that will have to do. Nice work lads!!  3 big wins in a row to open the season!! Zdraví na!!

Meanwhilst over in merry ol’ England, the Championship season started today with 22 of  the 24 teams duking it out. Of note are one unfortunate victory, and 1 unfortunate defeat. All in the span of one match.

At Loftus Road, Queens Park Rangers came from behind to beat Sheffield Wednesday 2-1 on goals by Nedum Onoha and Andrew Johnson. Most unfortunate. Sheffield Wednesday is one of the oldest teams in football, and even though they yo-yo back and forth ‘tween Championship and League 1, it’s nice to see them up in Championship. I mean, they’re called Wednesday….which is odd enough….but has a solid line of reasoning behind it. As for QPR, well…they can go bite the bag. Little Anton Ferdinand ((whom John Terry allegedly called a fucking black cunt)) was not in the line-up and it looks like he’s not even making the team. Joey Barton was in the line-up, but not Little Anton. Bursaspor evidently didn’t want to keep him. Wither Little Anton, wither…(pun intended… =P ).



drink9aThe Evil Machinations Of Chad Knaus


The 400 tees off in a few hours from now at Pocono in Long Pond PA.

For those of you toddling off from the boozer (The Brewery Tap for example) to Pride Park for the Championship opener against the Blackburn Focking Rovers, Chad Knaus the crew chief for NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson who sets on the pole for today’s race with a record qualifying speed of 180.654 miles per hour (that’d be a blistering 290.735 km/h).

And for those of viewing this from The Grumpy Troll in Mount Horeb WI, Pride Park in Derby UK has absolutely nothing to do with gay rights, so don’t get you hopes up for anything more than Derby smacking the fock out of Blackburn.

In any and all cases, I’m hoping for someone, anyone, but most especially Matt Kenseth (who rolls off 24th), Denny Hamlin (who used to be Mr. Pocono® and tees it up in 9th) or Kyle Busch, (NASCAR’s Friendliest & Most Popular Driver (pun intended) who shares the front row with Jimmie Johnson), to knock Jimmie Johnson off his fucking perch. Better still would be some early mayhem…tire or engine failure.

Or, maybe one of the Start’N’Parkers® like Tony Raines, Andrew Kennedy ((who??)), or Timmy Hill could be of some use. Take him to the garage with you, lads.

Meanwhile, Derby County, y’all know what to do. Get to pluckin’!!



drink9bReal Madrid agrees to a £105 million transfer fee for Gareth Bale


Gareth Bale truly IS The Goddamn Batman now! His transfer to Real Madrid is about as done as it can be, but…..there still is one small complication.

Real Madrid wants to pay the 105 mill in installments. 20 mill a year. And if you think Daniel Levy is going to fall for that old scheme (again), think once more. Real stills owes Tootenham money for Luka Modric. And word has come down Manchester that Real still owes ManU(re) some cash for the long-departed Cristiano Ronaldo.

So….don’t fire up the Batmobile just yet there Gareth.

My take on this, of course, is the sheer and utter absurdity of it. The transfer fee is beyond what is reasonable, even for a team with deeper pockets and less debt, like Chelsea for example. Roman has done some mad stuff, but not THAT mad. And what this does is ruin a lot of good opportunities for Premier League clubs and players in the process. It over-prices and over-rates talent. Hell…this Gareth Bale business has got Brendan Rogers tumbling over his skis about Luis Suarez now….think is Bale is worth 105 mill, then Suarez is worth 150 mill or some such.

Problem is, Gareth Bale is NOT worth £105 mill. Not to anyone in the world of football. Would Bale really be worth more to Real Madrid than Cristiano Ronaldo already is?? I hardly think so. The only place Gareth Bale would be worth £105 mill is in Hollywood, and ONLY in the role of Batman. That’s it.



drink9cPicture not related


Once again, nothing much to say on Chelsea, Norwich or Borussia Dortmund front as the moment. The Bundesliga starts next Saturday with Dortmund playing at Augsburg. The Premier League tees off the following week with Hull traipsing down to London to get smacked by Chelsea; and Everton making the long march from Merseyside to Carrow Road where Ricky Van Wolfswinkel and Gary Hooper are waiting to meet and beat Tim Howard.

MLS has kicked their status  it up a notch with Clint Dempsey making a 9 mill move from the aformentioned Tootenham to Seattle. It’s good move for Clint in my view…he’ll get more playing time and more importantly, a bigger leadership role in the squad. This will pay big dividends for the USMNT in it’s march for the World Cup.

So there you have for today’s installment (pun not intended). You might walk alone, but you’ll never drink alone. At least around here.

Now it’s about time for the 400. I told ya who I want to win. Now for who I think will pull it off:  Kasey Kahne. Not too thrilled with that, but I’m only giving an unbiased assessment. If Brad Kesolowski somehow wins today, I won’t have to pour out my 74% full pint of SPATEN Oktoberfest and fill the glass with ice and drink a bottle of MILLER Lite. Nope, not today. If Bad Brad wins, I’ll be press-ganged instead into drinking a REDD’S Apple Ale….if The Firehouse has that horrid product…since that’s what’s sponsering his car today.

But I’ll suck it down if I have to.

Laughs all around.


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