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Grasping At Grace

Chelsea 2      Crystal Palace 1   It was to be the return of The Special One. All the Blues Fans worldwide applauded the return of Jose Mourinho at last! It was going to be so simple from that point on. All the pieces of the puzzle that were floundering under AVB and RDM and The…

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Baked In A Pie

jose mourinho

Newcastle United 2      Chelsea 0   I’ve said many times that the Gundam always wins. Same for the Valvraves and the Variable Fighters of Macross. What I mean by that is that they always win in the end. Sometimes they have to retreat and fight another day. But on the way to ultimate victory, they…

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English Premier League Transfer Saga Drinking Game: Shark Week Edition

I Don’t Believe In Sharks!!   Even if you’re not, or haven’t been playing the Shark Week Drinking Game this past week, just go ahead and chug yer drink down right now and start on another one. We might as well go down the drinking game route. Take a drink. You might walk alone, but…

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The Brickyard 400, un-Twittered, de-Tumblrd, dis-Pinterested 2013 Edition

The Green Bay Packers have opened training camp   Yes. It’s that time of the year. The Green Bay Packers have reported to training camp at St. Norbert’s College in De Pere, Wisconsin. So far, so good. This will most likely be the only time I will mention or discuss the NFL on this bloog…

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Best 4th Place Finish Of All-Time, So Far….

setting off fireworks in the bathroom of a women's prison

West Ham United and the Oakland Raiders Attempt To Sneak Into The Playoffs   It’s Silly Season in the English Premier League. The transfer window opens July 1st, and teams are making their big brave plans. And from the look of it, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE is gunning for that 4th place finish ((well…everyone…

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Thick Slicing, Best Served With Beer….and Malt Vinegar

Hey LOOK!!!   It’s David Luiz!!   This is usually the stage of the game where I have to think of something clever to say. But good luck with that one on the day, I guess. We’ll ((or I’ll)) have to see what happens. If I can figure out a surefire way to hook up…

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It’s Talladega, Baby!! Spring 2013 Gen 6 Edition

tits at talladega

It’s Talladega, Baby!! And You know what THAT means…..!!!!   It means, as you should know by now, that we are going to engage in a gentlemanly discourse about soccer, Formula 1, the Stanley Cup playoffs, the National Basketball Association, the World Rally Championship, and the applicability of certain Japanese Magical Girl Anime show mascots…

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Chelsea 2      Swansea 0   I honestly meant to get this done over the weekend, and here it is Wednesday already. So I’d better get at whatever it was (or is) I was (or am) trying to get at, besides the usual dull tedious shite, of course. I always aspire to write something…