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There Will Always Be A Scotland

never trust a tory

never trust a tory

never trust a tory

never trust a toryScotland 2     England 2


Scotland defeats England 2-2. So the headline should have, could have been. After all, when USA!USA!!USA!!! played England in the 2010 World Cup the New Your POST headline was USA beats England 1-1!!

Scotland needed a win to have any shot of actually qualifying for the 2018 World Cup in the Soviet Union.

The match proceeded with the all the turgid tedium one has come to expect from this great and terrible rivalry.

The Ox1 scored the opening salvo on 70 minutes.

But for the next 20 minutes of the tilt up at Hampden Park in Glasgow, Scotland had that win in hand on two Leigh Griffith free kicks that sent England’s Joe Hart sprawling on the floor like a drunk knocked off his bar stool.

Unfortunately for Scotland, Harry Freakin’ Kane got a hold of one, at the death, and cranked into the cheap seats at the back of the net.

So Wee Gordon Stachan and his lads had to settle for 1 point instead of 3.



never trust a tory


never trust a toryScotland 2     England 2


Yes, Harry Freakin’ Kane got the equalizer at the death. But unfortunately for England, Scotland got it’s revenge.

In the curiously ill-timed and ill-thought-out British election of 2017 held 2 days before the match, instead of voting for Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party, Scots turned and instae voted for the Fackin’ Tories mainly because Nikola’s party was fixin’ to have another Scottish Independence referendum. So constituencies that would have voted SNP went to the fackin’ Tories.

The Scots figured they were messing with the English, but this turned out to not be the case,

While the Tories gain at the expense of the SNP were noteworthy, they didn’t make up the many seats Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party took off Theresa May and Her Fackin’ Tories. The result was a hung Parliament forcing May to seek succor and the possibility of forming a a government with the horrid and despicable Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland. The DUP is nothing but fuckin’ troubles. Totally against gay rights, abortion rights of any kin…these are the bleedin’ Orangemen….the revenants2 of the Ulster Unionist Party started by the notorious Ian Paisley.

Needless to say, Ann Richardson, the Tory leader in Scotland is NOT too keen on this at all being as she in favour of gay marriage LGBT Rights, and Women’s Reproductive Rights (as are most of the Tories, even, btw).

So there stands the glass. Half-empty or half-full, it’s your call.

My call, however, is a for another round, for me. A Warped Speed Scotch Ale from LAKE LOUIE Brewing Company sounds good right about now.

So down the hatch it goes, while I contemplate what to say next.


Never Trust A Tory



  1. That woiuld be Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, for all you butt-hurt dwellers waiting on the Meat Raffle® at THE FIREHOUSE the the next day wondering what all the excitement was all about
  2. Pun, INTENDED!!!

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