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If I Had A Mind

Go Pack GO!!

If I had mind to, I’d tear that fucking statue down and send it back to France….   A mind, they say, is a terrible thing to waste. But sometimes, in my case anyway, I’m not so sure. A mind can be very much like time and money. Money shines more brightly when it’s wasted.…

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Grasping At Grace

Chelsea 2      Crystal Palace 1   It was to be the return of The Special One. All the Blues Fans worldwide applauded the return of Jose Mourinho at last! It was going to be so simple from that point on. All the pieces of the puzzle that were floundering under AVB and RDM and The…

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Baked In A Pie

jose mourinho

Newcastle United 2      Chelsea 0   I’ve said many times that the Gundam always wins. Same for the Valvraves and the Variable Fighters of Macross. What I mean by that is that they always win in the end. Sometimes they have to retreat and fight another day. But on the way to ultimate victory, they…

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As Our Hearts Waver


Chelsea 1     Sparta Prague 1   Danicamania aside, who else besides me thinks that Danica Patrick will win a NASCAR race before Fernando Torres scores another goal for Chelsea? The mercy of my work spared me actually watching the return leg of this Europa League 16th finals tilt at The Bridge. But I…

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Meisters de Schmerzen

THIS is why I hate Science Fiction!!   I get comments from friends (and imaginary friends) about why I only write about soccer (mostly) and NASCAR (somewhat) and Formula 1 (not often enough) instead of other subjects of alleged interest (besides dignity, style and culture, of course). Why don’t I write more about science fiction,…

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2012 Daytona 500 (de)Twittered — Rain Delay Edition

2012 Daytona 500

  Jeremy Mayfield watches the 2012 Daytona 500 from JAIL You remember those Dodge commercials Jeremy Mayfield  was in back in 2002 where the girl puts car wax in her hair and  daubs on gasoline like it was fine perfume? “Hey Jeremy,” she says as she hops into Jeremy’s #19 Dodge Dealers Dodge. And Jeremy asks,…

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Happy As A Little Girl At Last

Unidentified Fan

England 1      Spain 0 The most important football game in the universe that was played this past Saturday (yesterday as I hammer this out on my Adler J-5 typewriter) was played at Wembley Stadium, London before a crowd of 87,189. The universe held its breath. Would defiant little England clomp out onto pitch with poppies…

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Cordially Invited To Write About Death

RIP Marco Simoncelli  1987-2011 Daniel Clive Wheldon  1978-2011 I’ve been resisting this, to be honest. There is not much more to said that hasn’t already been said, so I will not belabour it. In the wake of Al Davis, it seems that this month I keep getting cordially invited to write about death. And frankly,…