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If I Had A Mind

Go Pack GO!!

If I had mind to, I’d tear that fucking statue down and send it back to France….   A mind, they say, is a terrible thing to waste. But sometimes, in my case anyway, I’m not so sure. A mind can be very much like time and money. Money shines more brightly when it’s wasted.…

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The College Boys

UCD 2      F91 Dudelange 2   UCD, or University College Dublin pulled off quite the upset in the opening round of the Europa League by beating a real live professional squad (albeit one from mighty. mighty Luxembourg) Yes, the team is an actual college team of college boys. NO pros, or even semi-pros here. Think…

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The LOL FangSensei Revue Of….

English Premier League

5000 words or More? NOT including pictures?? BRACE yourselves!! Get a 30 pak of BEER!   It should be fairly obvious to most that I’m not a fan of what Malcolm Gladwell calls thin-slicing. Nope. Not for me. Give me a thick slice of something or nothing at all. No tasting glasses of beer…pour me…

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Das Süße Leben

Knights of Columbus      Madison WI      7/19/2014   Once again, I can’t really think of anything to say about our Dairyland BJD Summer Meetups, so I won’t even make even a vague attempt. Unless, of course, I happen to say that this year, we had some terrific volunteers who gave us some…

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No World Cup, No Life

2014 world cup

Clint Dempsey wins the Quaker State 400 at the Kentucky Speedway   Let’s get the NASCAR out of the way straight off this time. No facile conceit about being dragged into it by some cute anime babes. Nope, none of that. Gentlemen, start your engines. It’s NASCAR’s good fortune that they’re on a series of…

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The Winter Break

Knights of Columbus,  Arlington Heights IL,  1/11/2014   The English Premier just finished their Winter Break this past weekend. The second half of the season began anew at 6:45AM CST on Saturday with Chelsea’s trekking up to Hull City for a nice 0-2 win at The KC Stadium. And while that was going on, my…

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In The Good Old Summertime

Knights of Columbus,  Madison WI  7/20/2013   Since I can’t ever seem to think of anything clever to say about our Dairyland BJD Meetups, I won’t even begin to try. I also, this time, will (try) not (to) mention anything about the weather, the phases of the Moon, the British Open, The CONCACAF Gold Cup,…

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A Winter Frolic

O’Keefe’s House of Hamburg, Milwaukee WI, 01.05.13 The Dairyland BJD Holiday Frolic 2013 was held this weekend at O’Keefe’s House of Hamburg in Milwaukee WI. In lieu of the larger Winter Meetup’s we’ve had in the past, we scaled down to a more intimate event at smaller venue. Attendance was 60 on the dot ((an…

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The Long Hot Summer

doll pics 2012

Knights of Columbus, Madison WI, 7.22.2012 It’s been a terrible Summer. More 100+ degree days than we’d have in most centuries. It’s unreasonable and intolerable and without an end in sight, almost as hopeless as one can imagine. It’s really (as if it’s) evolving itself into the psychotecture of the human psyche, or a metaphor…

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Los Inviernos de 2012

death of che guevara in bolivia

Norway House, Milwaukee WI, 01.07.12 There is a certain part of me would much prefer to be writing about Pablo Neruda, or Federico Garcia Lorca, or the death of Che Guevara in Bolivia in 1967.  The incessant fluttering of migratory birds fills my ears to bursting, and my brain to trembling, and my heart with a searing wanderlust. A Winter wished for.…

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  Japan 2 (3)     USA 2 (1) I was going to say nothing about the Women’s World Cup since I really had nothing much to say other than the obvious. We puked on our shoes in the Penalty Kicks. No way to sugar coat the obvious even if it pisses Hope Solo off to say…

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The Dolls Of Summer

Knights of Columbus, Madison WI, 07.16.2011 I was going to wait to post this until after tomorrow’s Women’s World Cup Final, but why push the metaphors any further than they need to be pushed. Hmmmm….I seem to start these meetup posts in the same mode. Oh well…great minds think alike. And both of them are…

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L’Hiver 2011

dairyland bjd forum

Norway House, Milwaukee WI,  01.08.11 I was intending to write this entire post in French, but I’m insufferably arrogant enough as it is. So why push it any further. Anyway, the Dairyland BJD Winter Meetup 2011 was held on Saturday, January 8th at the Norway House in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We had a record attendance, and…

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The Proof Is In The Theorem

I don’t know if any of this proves anything or not. Fernando Torres led hapless Liverpool to a 2-1 win over Blackburn with a game winning goal at the 56 minute mark. It might have saved the day, and Roy Hodgson’s job, but can it save the season? And this week England’s long national nightmare…