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dairyland bjdKnights of Columbus      Madison WI      7/19/2014


Once again, I can’t really think of anything to say about our Dairyland BJD Summer Meetups, so I won’t even make even a vague attempt. Unless, of course, I happen to say that this year, we had some terrific volunteers who gave us some much needed help, and their efforts made our summer meetup this year a big success. You know who you are, of course, but there might be a reader or two, in say, Great Snoring, Norfolk, UK…or in Blanchardville, Wisconsin, USA! USA!! USA!!! who don’t know who you are. So lets have a big round of applause for Dragonlovesdolls, Jemjoop, Napoleanchan, Scholar, and RemDeRosier. Without their help, The Sweet Life would naught have been nearly as sweet.

Also, I usually promise, or protest pretentiously to the contrary that I will have nothing whatsoever to say about, for example, Rory McElroy winning The British Open wire to wire. Not a word about Chase Elliot winning the ExploreIllinois 300 at the Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet. And I certainly will not congratulate Germany on their impressive World Cup victory where they defeated Argentina 1-0 at the 113th minute Mario Göetze’s spectacular goal off Andre Schürrle’s crisp pinpoint cross.  And if you expect to me offer up any comments on FK Mladá Boleslav’s 2-1 UEFA Europa League victory over NK Široki Brijig last Thursday, then prepare thyself for the same disappointment and sinking feeling that Široki Brijig fans are feeling at the moment ((but then again, that away goal just might be their ticket….)).

So yes, none of that.

Let’s now get down to what really makes The Sweet Life sweet:



dairyland bjd

dairyland bjd

dairyland bjd

dairyland bjd

dairyland bjdPetrolul Ploieşti 2      Flamurtari Vlorë 0


Young Vlad (not his real name) invited his friends over to watch the Europa League match last Thursday on his vintage Philco television. He even bought new tubes for the set and everything. Food, beverages, and sweets!! And best of all, Ploieşti won!!









sweet6Argentine fans awaits the penalty kicks vs Netherlands


Argentina prevailed over the Netherlands on penalties. Van Gaal was out of substitutions when extra time ended with a scoreless draw, so he couldn’t bring on Tim Krul to play mind games with Lionel Messi. After Netherland’s Ron Vlaar ((whose nickname is Concrete, in case you were wondering)) had his opening shot blocked by Argentine goalie Sergio Romero, Messi stepped up and snapped his opening kick home. Then Ezequiel Garay, Sergio-kun Agüero, and Maxi Rodriguez sealed the deal, and it was on to face Germany.

Oh well…..







sweet9mNous sommes tristes parce que l’Allemagne défait Les Bleus…


After a deservedly horrid World Cup in 2010….remember, that’s the one where France cheated their way in by defeating Ireland on a goal that was set up by a deliberate handball….Les Bleus put on a good solid showing without all the drama of last time. They actually gained a bit of my respect. But Germany snuffed them out 1-0, but fair play to them. Their showing in 2014 was nothing to be ashamed of.





sweet9qsweet9rWarp Speed Scotty, I fear some soccer talk approaches…. 
sweet9iItaly 2     England 1


Darla and Agnes (not their real names) from Milton Keynes had their Hen Weekend in Blackpool spoiled by England’s bungle in the jungle. Whatever were they thinking watching football on a hen weekend, yes?? But it was on the TV in the club, so they watched it. Bloody hell anyway….




Ian Crook presents The Anti-Resin Club:

lewis6I hope you hate BJDs as much as I do!!!











anti6And now, back to our regularly scheduled NASCAR commentary…













sweet9jWondo makes that shot nine times out of ten…


Instead of 1-0  USA! USA!! USA!!!, it was 2-1 Belgium. Wondo is not Mario Göetze and USA is 4 years away from glory. I’ll have more to say about them down the line. But not right now.

We’ve got the makings of a very good team. Lots of youth up and coming. Our coach, Jürgen Klinsmann built the German team that just won the World Cup. He is now starting the same project here that he begun in Germany. We’re getting there. But not yet. In weiter ferne, so nah…

And now back to Das Süße Leben…The Sweet Life…with a trip to Candy Land.



sweet life








thats all for today 300x87 17

R.I.P  Johnny Winter 1944-2014


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