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The 5:00 Hour

Ron Hornaday

“I hope yer good and satisfied, Mr. Kyle Busch….”

It’s the end of the year when the amateurs come out to drink like the pros. And of course, we all know THAT’S going to end badly. So why bother. Just because it’s the end of the year? Big deal. It was the end of the 5 o’clock hour at 5:59 a few days and ago and few days before that and both found me at one brewpub or another with a GRUMPY TROLL North Star Dark or an ONION BREWPUB Hopslayer Double IPA or something similar. So what the fock’s the big ass deal.

Any, before I get the call from Ron Hornaday, who’s over at Kyle Busch’s house kicking his ass once again, I’d better get to The Top 9 List before he comes over here and kicks MY ass. So here we go.

This list has a certain incompleteness about it my mind, since I’ve slacked off a bit on my anime viewing lately. But I HAVE gotten back at it, and 2 of the the top 9 shows are from the Fall Season. So before Mr. Hornaday knocks on my door to kick my ass, here’s the list, without which the end of the year would naught be complete:


The Ron Hornaday Top Anime Shows of 2011

  1. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
  2. Nichijou
  3. Ano Hana
  4. Iko Meiro No Croisée
  5. Hanasoko Iroha
  6. Hyouge Mono
  7. Kimi to Boku
  8. Gundam AGE
  9. Gosick


There you have it. The Top 9 Anime Shows of 2011. One notable absence from the list is Mawaru Penguindrum which would probably be tied for 5th or 4th if I had watched enough episodes. No thin-slicing for me. But that being said, y’all better park yourself in front of the computer and watch these before Ron Hornaday comes to your house to kick YOUR ass bearing the head of Kyle Busch on a stick.




Chelsea 1     Aston Villa 3

As last year ended, so does this one. A 3-1 defeat to close out the year. This one was far worse since it was at home to inferior competition (allegedly), AND it was at Stamford Bridge. At least LAST year, these aging donkeys had the dignity (allegedly) to lose to Arsenal at The Emirates. But Villa a the Bridge?? And ye let facking Steven Facking Ireland score the game winning equalizer? I’m beyond words for this at the moment. What a bunch of donkeys.

The only thing that gives me succor (if you can call it that, or should) at the moment is that Manchester United also played like a bunch of donkeys today and lost 2-3 at Old Trafford to the Focking Blackburn Rovers. So fock New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Eve is for amateurs. It’s always 5:00 somewhere. Everyday. So be a pro, not a schmo.




1 thought on “The 5:00 Hour

  1. When y'all are done listening to "Let England Shake"….click on the vid for "The Last Living Rose". It's a fuckin' awesome song. Anything by PJ Harvey is great, but her new stuff is off the charts.

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