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Find The Citizens

Manchester City
Everton  2      Manchester City 0


The title race is pretty much all over with. After today’s tilt at Goodison Park, there is nothing more than a spurious mathematical chance of The Citizens defending their Premier League title. They are 15 points back of ManU(re) and while it’s possible, it’s just not bloody likely. They pretty much have to win out, and ManU(re) would have to draw their last nine matches. And based on today, it can not and will not happen.

The Toffees had the Citizens dead to rights from the start. They played tough-minded defense and were spirited in their attack. Obviously Davis Moyes’ little “chat with the lads” had the desired effect. Skipper Leon Osman scored a brilliant strike on 32 minutes. And for the rest of match it a fight to the death. Everton went down to 10 men when Pienaar was got his second yellow for a hard high challenge on Javi Garcia who rolled around on the pitch like a little girl with a pinwheel in a bed of tulips while ref Lee Probert showed Pienaar the red and sent sent him to the showers.

Roberto Mancini urged his team on like some Italian Frank Lloyd Wright…..in other words, in his usual manner. But Everton absorbed attack after attack, especially when they went a man down. Even when Nasri came in for Barry, and Sinclair came in for Kolo Toure, it was to little avail as the Toffees stand-in goalkeeper Jan Mucha was a stalwart and definitely the Man of the Match. Everton was able to press City several times on the counter, and finally, at the death Nikica Jelavić capitalized and that was it.



chelsea rubin kazanChelsea prepares for their Europa League tilt with Rubin Kazan


Well….what next for Chelsea, besides a little District Line Derby with West Ham in a few hours and change as I dip my quill pen in permanent royal blue ink and carry on? In the wake of their egregious 3-1 come-from-behind win against Steaua Bucureşti and their breath-taking come from behind 2-2 win against ManU(re) to secure a much-needed FA cup replay, Chelsea faces yet another to trip another grim Eastern European shithole.

That’s the Europa League for ya.

This time, they drew Rubin Kazan in their Quarterfinal match up. Home and away, and by some grace that certainly has nothing to do with Michel Platini, their first tilt is at home on Thursday 4/4 in the wake of a Premier League draw with Southampton on Saturday 3/30, and their much anticipated FA cup replay with ManU(re) on  Monday 4/1.   They are spared the trip to Kazan until 4/11.

I’m weary of Chelsea season so far, all the turmoil, trauma and chaos. So from now on I’m going to blithely assume that Chelsea will win everything from now on. Every match. Every trophy. Rafa is Coach of The Year. Torres is the Hero of the Decade.




Danica PatrickDaniça Patrick saves Formula 1!!!


The Food City 500 at Bristol tees off in about 12 hours and change. Daniça rolls off 41st and the light does not get much brighter from there. Matt Kenseth will beat his teammate Kyle Busch to the finish line for his 2nd win in a row.

That, and Chelsea will win everything from now on. Now I’m done. Time for sleep and stars.



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