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March Madness

March Madness
Wisconsin 70       Kansas State 65


So…how’s yer bracket doing so far?? Are you beating the facking President Of The United States?? AS I write this, I’m trailing the President by 50 points. He’s beating my ass in the East and the SouthEast, but I got his number in West and SouthWest….he missed on Richmond and Wisconsin going to the Sweet 16. I’m sure he’s none too worried about his bracket at the moment…as he’s more involved in March Madness of a different sort as Tomahawk missiles rain down on Libya like three-point shots. But enough of the real world facts…you can get those from the Guardian or the BBC.

I’ll wager that not very many had Wisconsin meeting Butler in the Sweet 16. I didn’t. I had Wisconsin meeting Pitt. In one bracket losing to them, and the other, the Badgers win. Based on the way they’ve played so far, I’m thinking they’ll beat Butler. It’s great so so other players step-up, especially Brusewitz who’s been an absolute beast on the boards and on defense….Jarmusz and Gosser stepped up with bit time shots. It’s encouraging that the Badgers don’t have to rely on Taylor and Leuer to get things done. K-State shut down Taylor, but it didn’t matter.

The rest of the Madness continues this afternoon, and I’m not just referring to the Jeff Bird 500 at Bristol where The Carl tees off from the pole and Kenseth rolls out 11th. Marquette has a big tilt with Syracuse, Michigan gives Duke a go (and good fackin’ luck with that, yes?), while on the Women’s side, UW-Green Bay has a tilt with Arkansas-Little Rock.

But there is ever MORE madness.



Cyprus vs. Iceland.  FASTEN your SEATBELT!!!


March Madness would not be nearly as MAD without the continuation of the UEFA 2012 Qualifying Rounds fixtures. Matchday 5 is March 25th and 26th. The madness is on!! Wales plays England at Cardiff and by the grace of all the Kings and Queens of England if The Three Lions don’t pull THIS one out their arse and win, I do have it on rumour from unnamed sources that Fabio Capello is poised to axe ALL the English players on his team and replace them with Americans.

And as expected, I Do play UEFA Eur0 2012 Qualifying Fantasy football. And over the next few MAD days of March, I will be fine-tuning my squad for Matchday 5. I’ve got Gareth Bale in my lineup…and even if Wales loses to England, I don’t think they’ll stop Bale from scoring. I love John Terry and Ashley Cole, mind you, but Bale will find a way to plow a goal or maybe even a brace through. Despite having John Terry at the Captain’s helm, and Joe Hart in front of the woodwork, England will not emerge with a clean sheet. And I’ll give you odds of a rook that they might even shit themselves…..((but I won’t throw my mother-in-law’s money on that sacrificial bonfire)).

As for my Europa 2012 Fantasy Team…well…I might change a few things at the last minute, but at press-time, as I type this on my Adler J-5, my staring front line is Miroslav Klose (Germany), and the so far amazing Dirk Klaas Jan Huntelaar (Netherlands). My midfield is Vladimir Koman (Hungary); Gylfi Thor Sigurdsson (Iceland); Aleksandrs Cauna (Latvia); and Marik Hamšík (Slovakia). Not exactly household names, there, in the middle….but…this IS a salary cap league…and there is good value in obscure teams if the matchups are right…and they are. The defensive line has Holger Badstuber (Germany); Vasileios Torossidis (Greece); Kaspars Gorkšs (Latvia); and the aforementioned Gareth Bale (Wales). Between the woodwork I’m starting Yury Zhevnov (Belarus). Zhevnov has been stellar so far for me. He’s kept a clean sheet in every Euro 2012 match so far, and against Albania, I’m figuring he’s keep that going. And if I change my mind between now and then, I could start Nukri Revishvili (Georgia).

So there’s THAT bit of madness upcoming. So get in CAR, dammit!! We’re going for a drive!!


Chelsea 2      Manchester City 0

I mention the Chelsea score here in passing….as in Chelsea passing Man City in 3rd place in the standings. And the picture refers to City’s troubled talent and perennial ass-hat, Mario Balotelli. He fancies himself as the best and the greatest, and while he can be good on the pitch at times, he is an utter fucktard otherwise. A total waste of all the bloody quids City is paying his ass. And a total waste of his talent. Roberto Mancini sent his ass into the match at the xxxth minute, but to no avail as Chelsea had totally gassed City by that point and Mancini could have sent in fuckin’ Socrates, or Maradona, or Messi, or Martin Peters or Geoff Hurst for fack sake and it wouldn’t have made a bit of difference.

But at the end of the day, it’s the narcissistic Mario Balotelli who is costing City it’s chances. Stupid red cards. Drunken fucktardary. A young man who is still a childish and petulant boy. He’ll be part of the reason Roberto Mancini could very well not be prowling the touchline for City next season. Balotelli is a shameful contrast to another equally young lad who rose above his shortcoming this weekend to win the NCAA Wrestling Tournament in his weight class. I’m talking about Arizona State wrestler Anthony Robles.

If you didn’t see this match this Sunday, you missed an inspiring and uplifting moment in sport. If ‘you’d watched Anthony Robles wrestle, you’ll never again feel your life and circumstance is all that bad.

Anthony Robles, you see was born with one leg. All his life, he’s had overcome and deal with that. And he didn’t let his cruel fate defeat him. He rose above it, and on March 20th, 2001, he stood on that one leg, victorious. It was awe-inspiring and amazing to see. Mario Balotelli could learn a HELL of a lot from Anthony Robles. All of us can.


Run and HIDE, Ryan Truex….

Run and hide, Ryan Truex…lest ye wanna get bitch-slapped by a REAL woman.

And you know damn well that Danica was ready to go at him. As Dan Wheldon will testify, when Danica is pissed, best to run like a fackin villain and HIDE. Just park and head to the boozer.

So…anyway….my dream of Danica winning Bristol was clipped by the aforementioned younger brother of Martin Truex Jr. Now, in all fairness, it wasn’t that egregious of a violation on Ryan’s part, but…IT SHATTERED MY DREAMS!!!  So…run and HIDE Ryan Truex. Run run RUN!!

Meanwhile, Kyle Busch took a few bows this past weekend at Bristol to the usual chorus of boos. But good for him. His reign of terror though will come to a halt this coming weekend at Fontana. The Roushketeers will reign supreme there. Matt, Biff & The Carl.

Ichi, Ni, San!!

And if I keep writing more of this right now, I will become even MORE mad than I am right now. Our Badgers take on Butler tomorrow night, F1 finally starts its season this Sunday in Melbourne  with the Australian Gran Prix, and yes, England will take on Wales for the right to add or remove consonants from words and proper names, depending upon who wins. I’ll be pulling for Wales in that one….I hate to do it…but Fabio Capello must go and a loss to Wales, despite the valiant leadership and efforts of John Terry, would hasten that departure and turn England into a howling nation of MADNESS. I can’t focking wait.



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