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March Madness

March Madness

Wisconsin 70       Kansas State 65   So…how’s yer bracket doing so far?? Are you beating the facking President Of The United States?? AS I write this, I’m trailing the President by 50 points. He’s beating my ass in the East and the SouthEast, but I got his number in West and SouthWest….he missed on…

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In The Service Of Youth

Gaytona 500

Danica Patrick leads Lap 30 of the Drive4COPD 300 at Daytona Int. Speedway Sometimes it seems to me that I stop speaking out loud, thinking out loud and that all my voices are mumbling, mumbling, mumbling. I think that I’ve said something , written something, and when I look for the documentary evidence, it is…

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Run With The Villains

Somewhere, there is a perfect world, or at the very least a perfect sports world, where wise men of noble purpose rule the pitch,  the field of play, the arena of life…the sporting life at least. A world where decisions make sense, and are well-formulated, good, and wise and true. And when the lads march…

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Going Nowhere

It’s not really the destination that’s important. It’s the journey. So going nowhere is not always a bad thing. Because no matter WHERE you arrive, well…there you are. And along the way, what you have uncovered, discovered, lived and relived determines where you arrive and when, but more importantly, who you are when you arrive…

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The Shallow Men

shallow men beleive in luck

Last Sunday, at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana CA, the real 2010 NASCAR season began. The Daytona 500, after all, is a spectacle, an aberration, a crap-shoot, and where one finishes there is a no indication of future performance. ((Yes, I’m talking to YOU Derrike Cope)). The Auto Club 500 last Sunday was a more…

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You Have The Blood Of Giants….

It all came down to one night, one race. The final race for the Chase. The Chevy Rock N Roll 400 at Richmond International Speedway. It was a mighty and terrible race with the blood of giants coursing through the veins of some of the drivers while from others the blood of giants spilled across…