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Harmoniously Confused

Here hills and vales, the woodland and the plain, Here earth and water seem to strive again. Not chaos-like together crushed and bruised, But, as the world, harmoniously confused. As I’ve alluded to in a few previous posts, albeit in passing, the F1 season so far has not been at all as one might have…

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Do Not Disturb!!

Chelsea 2     Benfica 1 Sunderland 0     Tottenham 0 Chelsea 2     Wigan 1 I have to hand it to Tottenham, and be thankful, for without them, I would NEVER get caught up on my sleep. This is the 2nd Saturday in the last 3 that I was able to get the sleep I need,…

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The AVB Project

The AVB project

Chelsea 3     Bolton 0 Andres Villa-Boas and Frank Lampard kissed and made up. So maybe that was part of the project, or maybe not. But Lampard played his best match of the season, which is not saying much, but he showed some leadership when it was needed, and a win is a win.…

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No Direction Home

no direction home

Chelsea 1      Birmingham City 1 I wish the words would escape me. I wish I could fall asleep and dream of magical realms, dream of imaginary cities full of tall and dangerous buildings, dream of fascinating high speed trains. And upon awakening, I will find that all the words have vanished, vanished like…

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The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

the merry pranksters

Chelsea 1     Sunderland 0 As I watched today’s match on the 19″ LG monitor on my homemade LSD simulator, it became increasingly obvious to me that our lads most likely arrived at Stamford Bridge for today’s match with Sunderland in a Hippy Bus….not quite like the Merry Pranksters of old….but more like some…

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Los Inviernos de 2012

death of che guevara in bolivia

Norway House, Milwaukee WI, 01.07.12 There is a certain part of me would much prefer to be writing about Pablo Neruda, or Federico Garcia Lorca, or the death of Che Guevara in Bolivia in 1967.  The incessant fluttering of migratory birds fills my ears to bursting, and my brain to trembling, and my heart with a searing wanderlust. A Winter wished for.…

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The Return Of Brett Favre

the return of brett favre

Manchester City 2     Manchester United 3 At the 59 minute mark of today’s FA Cup Manchester derby, Brett Favre came out of retirement and strode onto the pitch. At least, on this day, at this time, he had the dignity (allegedly) of returning to play for his original team. At least he didn’t…

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The 5:00 Hour

Ron Hornaday

“I hope yer good and satisfied, Mr. Kyle Busch….” It’s the end of the year when the amateurs come out to drink like the pros. And of course, we all know THAT’S going to end badly. So why bother. Just because it’s the end of the year? Big deal. It was the end of the…

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Knocked Down Signal

Gary Speed

  Tottenham Hotspur 1     PAOK Thessaloniki 2 Just like that, the onrushing train roared through White Hart Lane, knocking down the green signal and before you could catch your breath it was gone, the signal was red, and the night was dark and silent. And Tottenham was pretty much finished and done in Europe this…

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Close My Eyes

Twente 4    Wisla Kraków 1 Just a few moments ago, I made an imaginary challenge to myself. It was a challenge on the order of CHOPPED or something similar, like EXTREME CHEF. Similar, in the metaphorical sense. Metaphorical, in the semiotic sense. Here’s a basket of 4 mystery ingredients like cove serpent, bitter chocolate, miso,…