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The Cowards

noel coward

noel coward

coward1Basel 1      Chelsea 0


I can name all the cowards for you right now. ((And you will note that the late great Nöel Coward is not on that list and never will be.))

The cowards are: Petr Čech, Gary Cahill, John Terry, Branislav Ivanović, César Azpilicueta, John Obi Mikel, Frank Lampard, Willian, Ramires, Oscar, Samuel Eto’o, Kevin De Bruyne, Eden Hazard & Fernando Torres.

All of them, utter cowards. I’m not pulling punches with them. I don’t care what individual effort was made here and there. It does not and did not matter. As a whole, as a team, they were cowards today and nothing but.

They’ve been asked to show bravery, something that they shouldn’t have to have asked of them. Bravery today against Basel, bravery going forward. As Coach Jose had said, “Only the brave can survive.” And that was not just coach-speak, but home truth. The going for Chelsea in the coming months is going to get tougher.

Instead, for 90 minutes and change they showed nothing but cowardice. Weak ass, paltry, insipid….grab a thesaurus and jump on the bandwagon I’m sure can find your own word for it. I’ll go with disgraceful, along with cowardly. The Chelsea cowards played with no pace, no urgency, no heart, no soul, and no caring. It’s one thing if a team plays with incompetence, or is simply not all that good, as long as they play with passion. But my Cowards in Blue showed absolutely nothing but cowardice and complacency today.

Can’t blame this one on Coach or tactics or squad rotation or anything else. Just LOOK at that murderer’s row of players Chelsea has. They have talent up the ass along with a deep bench.

When Mohamed Salah chopped home the winner over Petr Čech at the 87th minute, there was really no surprise, and the only question was why did it take so long. And why didn’t Basel clip Chelsea for a few more.

I’m going stop this train now, step off and go have a beer, lest I’m tempted to deservedly kill one of these cowards myself. Metaphorically speaking, of course. Rumour has that Chelsea’s former coach, Carlo Ancelotti seriously DID want to kill one of his Chelsea players and almost made the attempt. And considering the seemingly endless “Bad Moment” towards the end Ancelotti’s watch, I can’t say that I blame him. And if Coach Jose, with his new badass buzzcut took a fancy to setting a tone that shows he really means business and strangles one of these cowards in his sleep ((note: he could have done it on the pitch at St. Jakob’s Park today and no one would have noticed)),  I would say it would be chalked up to justifiable homocide, given the circumstances.

So the train is stopped, and I’m off. And now I’m up on Old Brompton Rd.  And looky…there’s a pub. The Prince of Wales. And I’m on in, with a pint of COURAGE in front of me. Now how ironic is that!?


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