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The Last Man To Walk On Mars

place1Andrey Arshavin fans await his return to Russia…


Eugene Cernin, for those of you keeping score, was the last man to walk on the Moon. As for the last one to walk on Mars, well, the jury is still out.

But in the meantime, Andrey Arshavin is heading back to Russia, to his old hometeam Zenit St. Petersburg. He was, as I’ve previously mentioned, the biggest transfer spend in the history of Arsenal FC when he came on board in 2009. His first year as a Gunner was spectacular…16 goals poured in his first season and a half…money well spent and all….but after that, on the pitch it was downhill from there. This past season he was relegated to the bench….a situation Andrey likened to “real football hard labour” or words to that affect ((lost in translation, no doubt…..both metaphorical and improbable)).



place4Ghana 4      USA 1


In the words of Ted Allen, “Team USA, you’ve been Chopped……judges?”

“Basically, ” Ghana declares, with a look of smug sadness, “You guys can’t play defense worth a crap, and you can hardly mount any sort of sustained attack…”

France, nods it’s head in sneering agreement, even thought they only drew USA 1-1 in their tilt.

“Your lack of physicality on defense, and your inability to play through midfield along with your overall lack of depth and quality,” Spain remarks with a wry smile, “these are the reasons we had to chop you.”

So the USA takes the Chopped walk of shame from the U20 World Cup, along with New Zealand, Egypt, Australia, Mali, and Cuba. 2 of the following will be joining them by the end of today, as this is written: the aforementioned Ghana, S. Korea, El Salvador, Mexico, Uzbekistan, and…….drum roll please……..wait for it……….ENGLAND.  The The Lions’ U20 fate rests on it’s match with Egypt, which 0-0 in the 29th minutes as I speak.



place5WHO will win from the pole?  Junior or Lewis Hamilton?


The end to the ongoing sadness and saga of Mark Webber aside, Lewis Hamilton and his teammate Nico Rosberg lead the charge at Silverstone tomorrow at the British Gran Prix. Meanwhile, this evening at the Kentucky Speedway,  Junior, who set a new track record at Kentucky, hopes to go wire to wire in the Quaker State 400. Junior, however, has never won from the pole in his career. This will be his 12th shot at it.

Of the two, and by the nature of the beast, Hamilton has the better shot. And I’m rooting for that. I’ve made no secret about being a Lewis Hamilton fan.

But if Kenseth falters tonight at Kentucky and doesn’t come charging from his 16th starting spot to take the checkers, I’ll be rooting for Junior all the way to win this.



brazil winsBrazil wins the Confederations Cup


place3Spain wins the Confederations Cup


Well…there you have it. A prediction surely to go wrong. The big match is tomorrow, Sunday the 30th at 5PM CDT at the Maracanã in Rio. Even if I was the last man to walk on Mars, I would not miss this.

Neither should you.



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