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Ponies Are Forever!!

ponies1Tootenham 1      Chelsea 1


All week long the broadsheets and the airwaves were sparkling with the news of the great breakup of the Jose Mourinho/AVB bromance. Friendship, evidently is not forever. It was very much as if, say,  two of the G1 Big Brother Ponies had a spiteful spat….Steamer and Quarterback for example no longer on speaking terms and being petty and quasi-hateful towards each other and throwing the pony world into an uproar.

After all, it used to be like THIS:


avb jose love


But no more, evidently.

As the match began at White Hart Lane, it seemed as though the pupil had the edge on his mentor in terms of squad selection and tactics. Tootenham held a the edge on possession and seemed far more threatening. Chelsea were about as sluggish and predictable as they’d been of late. And a beautiful exchange on 19 minutes between Eriksen, Soldado, and Sigurdsson led to Sigurdsson’s opening goal. Tootenham looked like it had more goals in them, but Chelsea held on ’til halftime.

After the break, Mourinho showed his tactical nous and hauled Mikel off and brought on Mata. Oscar was moved to the wing, Ramires was shifted back to Mikel’s defensive mid position, and Mata became the #10 behind Torres. It made all the difference in the world. Terry’s header off of Mata’s free kick gave Chelsea the equalizer. And not content with just the point, Jose went for all three, bringing on Schürrle to replace Hazard. Chelsea kept threatening until a little bit of argy-bargy I’ll get in a moment. Fair play to Tootenham’s defense, and their goalie Hugo Lloris for keeping things level.

Referee Mike Dean showed great patience with the players as the game was physical and chippy throughout. His first yellow was shown to Andros Townsend at the 42 minute mark for a dive worthy of Greg Louganis  Ashley Young. Torres and Vertonghen were having at it with each the other whole match, and Torres was shown yellow at 51 minutes for sccratching the Beligian’s eyes out and Vertonghen on 63 minutes for shitting in Torres’ whore mother’s milk. Meanwhilst, Dawson, Dembélé, and Ivan went into the books. At the 81st both Torres and Vertonghen were going vicious and full tilt for a high ball. Both dropped to the floor in a heap, and Mike Dean had had enough. He showed Torres yellow, and then red, and for the final 10 minutes + 4, Chelsea were down to, and held on with, 10 men.

Now if I had been Mike Dean, I would sent off Vertonghen as well as Torres: “I’ve had enough of you boys…You BOTH get out of my sight” But that’s just me.

As they walked down the tunnel after the match, I wondered what awaited Jose and AVB. Would they make amends and rekindle their friendship? Share a little ice cream cake at the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe?



One can only hope…..


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