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It’s Talladega, Baby!! Spring 2014 CUTE Moe Edition

Tits at Talladega

It’s Talladega, Baby!! And you know what THAT means….!!!   Actually, this time, you don’t know what that means. Let me explain. The word moe (pronounced mo-é) is a Japanese word that means, well….it means a lot of different things rolled into one. Elements of cuteness, vulnerability, embarrasment, adorableness, sweetness, all rolled into one. For example,…

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F1 vs. NASCAR vs. IRL, part 2, Version 4.4.06

2014 F1 Championship

Lewis Hamilton WILL win the 2014 F1 Championship   Now I’m not phoning my mother-in-law down in Glen Carbon IL to get to to give me ALL of her money so I can get a bet down on this before the lads tee it in Melbourne next Sunday, but it’s a wager worth making. If…

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Ponies In Jumpers

chelsea vs man city

Man City 2      Chelsea 0   The little horses ((also commonly known as Ponies)) trotted (pun intended) up to The Etihad today to take on the big horses ((Manchester City FC, for those you keeping score at THE FIREHOUSE, my favourite emotional cul-de-sac here in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin USA)). Now I might (have)…

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It’s Talladega, Baby!! Fall 2013 Fully Clothed Edition

It’s Talladega, Baby!! And You Know What THAT Means….!!!   It means that instead of what is normally expected of Talladega, we are going to feature and discuss the latest fall fashions. We will have plenty of corduroy pants, flannel shirts, fleece pull-overs, down-jackets, wool socks, plaid coats, blaze orange vests, camouflage hats, Aran Isles…

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Half Life

If I Knew Your Were Coming, I’d Have Baked You A Cake   Like most of you, I would assume, I must have missed the meeting where several new, elusive and exceedingly obscure new elements were discovered and announced to the world. Some of these elements have half-lives that measure in tenths of milliseconds. I…

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The Brickyard 400, un-Twittered, de-Tumblrd, dis-Pinterested 2013 Edition

The Green Bay Packers have opened training camp   Yes. It’s that time of the year. The Green Bay Packers have reported to training camp at St. Norbert’s College in De Pere, Wisconsin. So far, so good. This will most likely be the only time I will mention or discuss the NFL on this bloog…

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It’s Talladega, Baby!! Spring 2013 Gen 6 Edition

tits at talladega

It’s Talladega, Baby!! And You know what THAT means…..!!!!   It means, as you should know by now, that we are going to engage in a gentlemanly discourse about soccer, Formula 1, the Stanley Cup playoffs, the National Basketball Association, the World Rally Championship, and the applicability of certain Japanese Magical Girl Anime show mascots…

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Find The Citizens

Manchester City

Everton  2      Manchester City 0   The title race is pretty much all over with. After today’s tilt at Goodison Park, there is nothing more than a spurious mathematical chance of The Citizens defending their Premier League title. They are 15 points back of ManU(re) and while it’s possible, it’s just not bloody…

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Mirror, Mirror….

Chelsea 1      West Brom 0   Saturday’s win was a win. Not as close as the scoreboard would indicate, but honestly, we have no fault but own own that it was only 1-0. Sure, Ben Foster was genius, but we made him so. Onward. Brian Reade of THE MIRROR is quite right when…

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As Our Hearts Waver


Chelsea 1     Sparta Prague 1   Danicamania aside, who else besides me thinks that Danica Patrick will win a NASCAR race before Fernando Torres scores another goal for Chelsea? The mercy of my work spared me actually watching the return leg of this Europa League 16th finals tilt at The Bridge. But I…

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The Special One

Chelsea 4      Brentford 0   Apparently, Chelsea woke up about the same time I did today. On most days, that would be a good thing, IF we shared the same time zone or postal code, that is. But I live in the 53572 and they live in the SW6. So when I woke…

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Transmissions From The Representative of Generation 6

NASCAR news 2013

Liverpool 5    Norwich City 0 Chelsea 2      Southampton 2   Yes. I know. I promised not to allow any sort of football-related matters to cloud or diffuse, or in any way alter what has been intended to be an all-motorsports post. Pre-Season Thunder has already come and gone at Daytona with the first round of…

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I Promise If I’m Elected, A NASCAR In Every Garage!!

Ah yes. There is an election coming up in that colonial outpost known as the USA. But y’all know where I stand on that, so no need for me to elaborate. I’ve already cast my vote, and I’ll be keeping myself occupied as I go about my business, waiting on the results from Veltins Arena…

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The International Break Of The Century (So Far)

All Of Europe Awaits The Results Of Tonight’s Federated Auto Parts 400 from Richmond International Raceway   While I’m quite sure the lads from England were awestruck when their bus/limousine carried them through The Gates of Chisnau enroute to their 5-0 trompage of Moldova yesterday (as this is written), the real thought at the back…