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Concepts Of Zero

Juventus 3     Chelsea 0 Let me get this out of the way straight up. Zero is not always the coolest number. That is one of the many concepts of zero. There are more concepts of zero than you can imagine. And more of them are being discovered everyday. And if you want to…

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A Sex Education

BATE Borosov 3      Bayern München 1   I knew there’d be a terrible upset in today’s Champions League tilts. I just didn’t expect Bayern München to be on the receiving end of that deal. I was really hoping that ManU(re)’s trek to VampireLand would have ended with CF Cluj’s gaffer, Ioan Andone, sucking…

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Good Luck Lies In Odd Numbers

Chelsea 1     Stoke City 0 1 is an odd number. Chelsea scored 1 goal today at Stamford Bridge. Ashley Cole scored that goal at the 85 minute mark, an odd number. And as any True Blue fan knows, Ashley Cole wears the #3 shirt, also an odd number. Chelsea were, in a Shakespearean…

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Mysterious Chelsea X

Chelsea FC

Arsenal 1      Wigan 2 All I can about THIS one is that Wigan showed up for work today, and they were dressed for success. They came off the top rope and pile-drived Arsenal into submission and left the Emirates with all the belts. Not the Champions Belt…but the belts that the Gooners used…

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Los Inviernos de 2012

death of che guevara in bolivia

Norway House, Milwaukee WI, 01.07.12 There is a certain part of me would much prefer to be writing about Pablo Neruda, or Federico Garcia Lorca, or the death of Che Guevara in Bolivia in 1967.  The incessant fluttering of migratory birds fills my ears to bursting, and my brain to trembling, and my heart with a searing wanderlust. A Winter wished for.…

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Can You Blame The Coloured Man

racism in football

“Hey Whitey!! Where’s yo’ hat!!?? I’m not one to shy away from controversy. And on Christmas as I begin writing this, I think it’s all to more vital to embrace a bit of controversy. Jesus didn’t shy away from controversy, so why should I. If wasn’t obvious, the controversy I’m wading into in is the…

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On The Piss

On The Piss

Chelsea 2    Manchester United 1 There. One match down and one to go. Mr. Chelsea did the talking ahead of this epic tilt at Stamford Bridge. And David Luiz and Frank Lampard did the rest. Luiz with a beautiful 10 yard tap-in off Michael Essien’s cross via Ivanovic at the 54 minute mark to level…

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In The Service Of Youth

Gaytona 500

Danica Patrick leads Lap 30 of the Drive4COPD 300 at Daytona Int. Speedway Sometimes it seems to me that I stop speaking out loud, thinking out loud and that all my voices are mumbling, mumbling, mumbling. I think that I’ve said something , written something, and when I look for the documentary evidence, it is…

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Just A Moment

Chelsea FC bad moment

Chelsea 2     Blackburn Rovers 0 It was just a moment, in a descending series of moments. But it seemed to last forever….a moment that would never end. In a behavioral sense of the word, moment is more or less intended to be quick, finite and have temporal short duration, as in “May I have a…

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A Life Of Crime

There has been too much to say and too little to say. Too much time to say it and not enough time get it all down. Too much sports and not enough beat writers…well, actually the real beat writers have been on it. And so have the columnists. And yes, even the journalists, rare though…

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The Automatic Poetry Machine Generator

There is too much instant communication and not enough time to contemplate or enjoy it. There are too many things to know and too many things to do and still nobody seems to know anything. There are too many mechanisms and too many gadgets and none of them are the right sort of gadgets that…

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I’m not sure if this brief interlude between posts meant that I needed the time to absorb some vital or essential knowledge about motorsports, football, poetry, music which I hate, science fiction which I also hate, or whether this interlude simply resulted from laziness or a lack of courage. Perhaps all of the above. Or…

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Forward, Into The Past!!

Mpls in 73

“According to THIS book, someday you will publish a photo of us on the Internet.” Sometimes I just get caught up in my own format. It becomes a trap from which I can barely escape. Hopefully, by recognizing that and bringing it to light, I can indeed effect an escape. Format. Perhaps I should explain,…

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Queen For A Day

“I have to come to here give your great news…” Ladies and Gentlemen,  start your engines. Danicamania is here at last!! Yes, Evil Ones, Danica Patrick is finally here to save NASCAR. It’s real. It’s happening. It’s happening in the happening world. Scanalyze that name!! Christ, what an imagination I have!!  There’s the obligatory GoDaddy.com…