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Kevin Harvick vs. Ireland

kevin harvick
melvin gordon IIIWisconsin 59      Nebraska 24


The Gundam always wins.

I used that little line once as a spoiler warning to lead off an essay about spoiler warnings.

The start of the battle might not look so promising. But it is the truth. Truth!! The Gundam always wins!!

So it was with today’s little tilt at Camp Randall between the Badgers, and those guys from Nebraska who wear the N on their helmets that stands for (k)Nowledge. It looked grim. In fact some of my buddies down at The Firehouse wanted to switch off the game and watch soccer….the focking Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia vs. Slovakia….anything but that seemingly heartbreaking tilt at Camp Randall.

But we all should have known better.

After all, the Gundam always wins.

Wisconsin went from 17-3 down to taking a 24-17 lead into halftime. They came out after the break and continued to vanquish the forces of evil dropping 56 straight points into the back of the net before Nebraska gave them a petulant kick in the shins and beat a hasty retreat.

And props and salutations to Melvin Gordon!!

After spotting the Huskers a 17-3 lead by fumbling twice, he toted the rock for a NCAA FBS record 408 yards and 4 TDs to break the record set by LaDanian Tomlinson back in 1999.

As I said, the Gundam always wins.

Anyway, sorry for this little distraction. Onward to Kevin Harvick vs Ireland….



martin o'neill

martin o'neillMartin O’Neill rallies the Boys In Green before their tilt with Scotland


This was to be the match of the day, the week, the century. Ireland vs Scotland in the Euro 2016 qualifiers from Celtic Park in Glasgow, Scotland. Two teams that hadn’t met each other on the pitch since Ireland’s 1-0 defeat of Scotland in the 2011 Nations Cup. And beyond the Protestant/Catholic, Republican/Unionist partisan trash-talk…beyond the meeting of two former Celtic managers, Martin O’Neill for Ireland and Gordon Strachan for Scotland, beyond all that this was a vital test of two teams vying for the 3rd qualifying spot in their group.

Despite protestations to the contrary, this was an emotion homecoming for Martin O’Neill. And that might have gotten the better of him as he set up The Green Army to not lose instead of going balls out for the win.

The final today from Celtic Park went the other way, with Scotland running out winners 1-0 on a 75th minute goal by Shaun Maloney.

But…speaking of Kevin Harvick….



kevin harvickWe shall know very soon who wears the firesuit….


It all comes down to few laps around the track tomorrow, or today or a century ago as you read this. A Sunday drive around Homestead will settle it once and for all.

By the time the checkered flag is thrown, we’ll know who wears the firesuit in the NASCAR family.

Despite my rooting interests in Hamlin and Newman, I think when all is said and done, that Kevin Harvick’s name will be etched on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Trophy.

Harvick will do this weekend what Ireland could not do. Win….just like the Gundam always win.



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