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It’s Talladega, Baby!! Spring 2015 Old School Edition

talladega tits
talladega titsIt’s Talladega, Baby!!! And you know what THAT means!!!


Yes, it means that, and more, and everything else, except for perhaps that Boys Love nonsense we were subjected to awhile back. Nothing against Boys Love, mind, if that’s your thing, GO for it. But in the context of the racing at Talladega, on the track, during the race, metaphorically speaking, just NO. Onward.

So old school, well….I WILL get back to the original fanservice, of course. But by Old School, I’m referring more to older anime from a simpler, more innocent time ((that’s my take and I’m sticking to it….facts will NOT get in the way of the truth)). Anime such as Bubblegum Crisis; Dirty Pair; Project A-ko; and so on. Great stuff!

Verbiage will a rare and precious thing here. As I’ve mentioned, my wife and I in the middle of a move and to metaphorically (that word again) paraphrase Charles Bukowski, “Shit and death are everywhere.”

So be thankful for that, at least.

Anyway, with any more ado:



talladega tittiesDrivers!!! Start Your ENGINES!!!!


tits at talladega

talladega tits

tits at talladegaIt’s Talladega, Baby!! And that means here’s Priss on a bike!!


Priss was/is the hawtest ((Andrea Dworkin should arise from her grave and KILL me NOW!!)) chick ((op.cit.)) in Bubblegum Crisis. And you don’t have to take my word for it. Just go watch the show yerself.

This simple truth has nothing to do with anything in particular. It simply is truth, and also fact. It also has nothing to do with other facts. Such as Norwich City pounding Fulham 4-2 at Carrow Road today to finish 3rd in the Championship and thus getting the number 1 seed for the upcoming promotion playoffs. It has nothing to do with your last place Milwaukee Brewers beating the Chicago Cubs 6-1 down at Wrigley this afternoon. Nor does it in any way, shape or form have anything to do with American Pharoah winning the Kentucky Derby.

It’s simply the truth. It’s Priss on a bike.




tits at talladega

talladega titties

talladega titsIt’s Talladega, Baby!!! And  that means there’s so much MORE to Talladega than just….no, scratch that.  Belay that thought.


Just be sure to have enough beer. It will suck horribly if you have to toddle off for another 30-pak at lap 47 and miss the Talladega Trainwreck on lap 61. So be properly supplied. I’m not telling you anything y’all didn’t already know (I hope).

As for economics, it really IS an upgraded version of comics.

Yes it is.

And now, for another reminder that I hope is also unnecessary:



talladega tits

talladega tittiesIt’s Talladega Baby!! And THAT means no symmetrical docking or bump drafting


Makes sense, but there will always be a chumplin who will try these strategies near the end of the race to gain a spurious advantage.

Given how tight the finish was at today’s Xfinity ((a/k/a Busch)) race, I can easily see some petulant twat who will throw caution to the mighty wind. After all, winning at ‘Dega is the dogs bollocks. Yes?




tits at talladegaIt’s Talladega, Baby!!! And THAT means I have a t-shirt with this picture on it!


Yes. I really do. And if I wasn’t working the 1-9 shift at Lands’ End tomorrow, I would be wearing that shirt down at at the FIREHOUSE. But since I wont be there, and none of the drunks and butt-hurt dwellers down at the FIREHOUSE are man enough to wear a shirt like that, well…this little image of cuteness will have to do. There is, after, quite NOTHING like a Teenage Girl Pajama Party while watch Talladega in a bar.

Except for the race, of course, we will ALL miss out on a Truly Cultural Experience!!


tits at the Spanish Gran PrixIt’s Talladega, Baby!! And THAT means shut the fock up about Formula 1


Yeh. Speaking of economics being a upgraded version of comics….there’s Formula 1.

And though it would be temptingly funny to consider the running of the Gran Premio de España being held the same focking day and time as Talladega. It’s not, it’s ain’t, so stuff some crowder pea casserole in your pie hole. There is a time and a place and a day to discuss the merits and driving skills Valterri Bottas or Kimi Räikönnen.

And the time is Sunday, May 10th at 14:00 Spainish time, and the place is Barcelona’s Circuit de Catalunya.

So until then, don’t even THINK about Lewis Hamilton winning it all.

And while there just MIGHT be some tits at the Spanish Gran Prix, we are not discussing that concept at the moment.

The concept at the moment is Tits at Talladega, and without further ado…..


tits at talladega


tits at talladega

talladega tits


talladega titties

talladega tits


tits at talladega

talladega tits

talladega titties


Talladega Tits


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