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Tawdry Remnants & Uninspired Marginalia

tawdry1Basically, I (left) post to my blog, and then you (right) read it. 


I’ve fallen off the weekly posting wagon and have been left behind in a trail of dust somewhere in the general vicinity of Iowa County/ Layfayette County line in SW Wisconsin. So there I am, a bit frazzled no doubt. But to your dismay and misfortune, no worse for wear, either.

A clever way (or not), no doubt of saying my wife ( who was never on this weekly posting wagon to begin with, and thank god for that) and I are in the midst of a move from a small town, to a smaller town (and I will spare you the details for the moment, as I will with other things I will get to shortly), and that my mind is more addled than usual.

So here are a few things I will not discuss whatsoever this week:


1.  Chelsea’s 1-3 defeat of Leicester City today, Wednesday, 29/04/15 — If Chelsea had beaten Arsenal last xxx instead eking out a 0-0 draw, then today’s match at xxx would have clinched the Premier League title. Now we’ll have to clunk Hull City next Sunday morning to clinch.

2. Rotherham 1 Norwich City 1 — Damn, and other expletives like fuckshit and that sort of thing. We were sio close to clinching automatic promotion back to the Prem. But this draw, and a 0-1 loss to Middlesbrough pretty sealed our fate. We’ll have to win the promotion playoff to go up. *insert another expletive involving dogs bollocks here*

3. Formula 1 — As expected, Lewis Hamilton is leading the charge. Read all about it!!

4. The Spice Girls — My wife got confused the other day about whether or not I liked our didn’t like David Beckham. She figured I didn’t because he once played for ManU(re). I told her that I like David Beckham and associate him more with the LA Galaxy. Take THAT Mr. Manchester if you’re reading this!! Anyway, he’s married to one of the Spice Girls. So all is good there. Victoria Beckham, a/k/a/ Posh Spice, wears the firesuit in the family. I happen to have a SPICE GIRLS notebook next to me on my desk at the moment that proclaims GIRL POWER Forever, on the cover. I’m all for that.

5. The semi-final match of the Deutscher Fußball-Bund Pokal between Bayern München and Borussia Dortmund — My Schwarzgelben won this in what was perhaps the weirdest penalty shootout in the history of German Football. Bayern had 4 penalty shots at the end. ALL were missed!! Dortmund was 2 for 4 from the spot. We’ll play Wolfsburg for the trophy (or pokal, as it’s called…)

6. Danica Patrick — After last Sunday’s rain-delayed race at Richmond, Danica would still be in the Chase on points. BUT, her teammate Kurt Busch won and bumped her to 17th in the points. If Kurt hadn’t won, Danica would be in at the moment and leading Kurt by a country mile. I also find it funny and amusing that she leads Carl Edwards in the points.

7. Your last place Milwaukee Brewers — Nuff said.


Anyway, that’s a rough approximation of the many things I will not discuss, talk about, or even mention this week. I have way too much on my mind at moment regarding our upcoming move to give those things a moment’s notice, let alone a bit of erudition on these pages.

Instead, I will share with you a few things that I’ve uncovered over the past few days in the process of sorting through 13-35 years of (mostly) crap I’ve been lugging around.

Treasures or tawdry remnants, the judgement is all yours:



tits at talladegaAn anime show I should be watching instead of writing THIS


Fasten your seatbelts!! Then again, you just might want to take your chances outside the car….


You know….if you don’t want to spend too much of your babysitting money and puke up too much of your Dad’s liquor, the cigar you might like to try is the GARCIA Y VEGA in the beige tube for 59¢……….well it was JUST a suggestion!


Another in a series of blasé fantasy-SF world leaders. His only saving grace, if it could be called that, is that his planet is neither medieval or psuedo-Arabian.


Well….the radical feminist in me finds himself somewhat troubled the parade of scantily clad anibabes ((an doubly horrified at his use of that word)) as well. After all, whatever happened to the innocence and cuteness of Azuki-chan or C-ko. Is it *really* necessary to see Nausicaa in a thong bikini? ((You n on-feminists go *search* for that one—-win a free prize!!!))


“…And He Gave The Baby Jesus A Suckling Pig”


She was mumbling something in her sleep again about evil daemons and the search for some crustal of illusion. He couldn’t quite make out what she was saying, but their seemed to be a moon princess involved. He snuggled up against here and the mumbling stopped. She smelled warm and sleepy and that was nice. He wondered if, in her dream, the moon princess was ever rescued and the secret crystal ever found. The clock radio chimed on softly, suddenly, and as the announcer murmured the latest news from the War — the basso profundo, barely audible, was as reassuring as the sunlight streaming the window and as refreshing as rain….


….At the Little Chapel In The Desert, a rattlesnake was curled up in the manger with the baby Jesus as a scorpion crawled across the cherub’s face….


“And who is she?” you might ask, being a curious lot. Not his wife certainly. She’s off to war. “It’s not that girl he was dancing amorously with at Club Cuba last night….?” Sorry to disappoint but you should tell by the hair. ______ is a naughty fellow, but he’s not foolish enough to tell you if it was. “So? Give it up? Who’s the girl?”  “My my, aren’t we ____. Whoever said she was a girl?”   “WHAT!!!”  Relax champ. Not that!   But….  Maybe you should be more curious about what they’re dreaming about.

They’re dreaming of a world where there’s no more war. A universe no less. A universe where a huge Horse O’ Peace draws and enormous and brilliant hackney coach of light and love amongst/across the stars. Where the dread….


So Schmitty fired up his NSU 250cc Supermax and they headed off into the deserts of Utah at 75 mph.


“I’ve always been

in Love with …..”


“What??  I can’t hear you….”

To be continued —-

                                                            NEXT TIME:  “Promises & Whispers”


Alright you two, move it. Out of the car.

What have you got Lt.?

Two more of the buggers. No weapons and ignorant as shit.

I am Commander Coburn of the EDL Special Contempo Rangers—Night Fire Squadron. In accordance wth the Geneva Convention Rules you are officially prisoners of war. I need your name rank and serial number. Gentlemen?

Like I said. They don’t understand English OR Zardon.

Maybe that blotter acid wasn’t such a good idea.

Ah! They speak Television English. Gentlemen, I am…..

What the hell is this? Some kind of war? What the hell are you doing here? There’s not supposed to be any people here!

Well there IS a war, Bub, and you ain’t supposed to…..

Let’s just find out why you’re here.

Geez. We’re just going out for a beer.

Emm-hmm. And what crimes are you running from.

Crimes? What do you mean crimes.

I’m assuming from your language and appearance that you’re criminals. They used to do that in the old days, and still do.

Do what?

Grab a Contempo Machine from somewhere. Hide it, set the co-ordinates, hook up and go. Pretty common stuff.

Didja hear the one about the two vid-stalkers who set up wrong and wound up in a prison world…huh huh huh

What the hell IS this?? There is only one Contempo Machine, and we have it.

Not the original of course.

What do you mean. I said there was only one. We have it.

Yeh…our friend invented it so he could get girls.


….England had a vibrant folk/rock tradition that began in the sixties with great bands like Lindesfarne; Fotheringay; and Fairport Convention. John Martyn comes from this tradition. He was in a band called Pentangle with Maddy Pryor. Hopefully, if you like the three cuts I selected [for you on this tape], hopefully you’ll seek out more of this stuff and discover some great music. The John Martyn stuff reminds me of younger hippie days…..


He would be plugged into the Fogman at maximum load, and he would not return, and an entire academic career would be gone forever—all the knowledge, all the music gone. Love and consciousness would be a dwindling rumour and he’d be fit for only the most bestial tasks and his masters would be intelligent machines.


“……………as if my marriages were just these tedious exercises in sex and obligation….a lot of surface, but underneath it all, a deep core of dissonance, and no spiritual connection at all. It was really just an exercise in insecurity, and all I have to show for it, really, are two pieces of paper and a daughter who is wond…..”


“But….all that spirit seems like an illusion, ne Mike-chan?”




“Cigaret? You look like you could use one…  Or should I just ask you what kind of tree you would be…?


He looks at the camera. There is this chimera of him as a deer caught in the headlights…but then a little smile appears. And he looks down at his shoes, blushing…..”i would…ummm…be a tree without leaves…”



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