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It’s Talladega, Baby!! Spring 2015 Old School Edition

talladega tits

It’s Talladega, Baby!!! And you know what THAT means!!!   Yes, it means that, and more, and everything else, except for perhaps that Boys Love nonsense we were subjected to awhile back. Nothing against Boys Love, mind, if that’s your thing, GO for it. But in the context of the racing at Talladega, on the…

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On The Piss

On The Piss

Chelsea 2    Manchester United 1 There. One match down and one to go. Mr. Chelsea did the talking ahead of this epic tilt at Stamford Bridge. And David Luiz and Frank Lampard did the rest. Luiz with a beautiful 10 yard tap-in off Michael Essien’s cross via Ivanovic at the 54 minute mark to level…