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monaco3Just How in hell did Lewis Hamilton just lose the Gran Prix of Monaco??


I don’t know.

You tell me.

Hamilton was ruling the day at Monaco from lap 1. He built a lead of 13 seconds ((13 minutes it might as  well have been)) and was virtually lapping the field. At lap 64, well back in the pack as it were, young Max Verstappen had a bit of argy-bargy with Romain Grosjean who was heading, I believe (and I might be wrong on this), to the pits. Said argy-bargy became full-on soccer hooligan riot/pitch invasion for Versteppen as he slammed straight into the safety barrier…straight at a safety crew who I’m sure filled their safety suits with a hot glorious stench as Verstappen came plowing straight at them.

The track stewards threw the F1 equivalent of a caution flag and immediately brought out the VIRTUAL safety car to settle the field down before bringing out the real safety car, a sleek shiny silver Mercedes. It looked grim, but Vertappen hopped out of the car unscathed.

Meanwhilst, some brilliant engineer, some Chad Knaus-type, for Hamilton’s team decided that pitting under caution to switch to the softer tyre would be a good strategy (allegedly).

Needless to say THAT was a stunning sequence of stupidity, as Hamilton went from first to third and that was that.

Rosberg got his third Monaco win in a row. And the aforementioned engineer was last seen jumping off a dock in the Monaco harbour and swimming swiftly to Elba.



Nap-BeerI was planning to drink beer and not mention any of this….Honest.


I’ve might have mentioned that my wife and I (plus dogs) are in the midst of moving from Mount Horeb to Mineral Point.

Thus, writing, anime, and writing about writing and anime, plus writing about football; NASCAR; F1; Beer; my HATRED of music, and people, and science fiction; and all and sundry not previously classified….have been put on hold. You can add Chelsea’s 3-1 defeat of Sunderland today in the final match of the season, along with their raucous EPL Championship Trophy celebration The Bridge to that pile. Plus the excruciating fact that I have to work today and thus will miss the Indy 500 and a most of the Coca-Cola 600. So much for doing The Triple, today.

But I felt compelled to poke my head above the fray for a moment to mention, and perhaps apologize (which I’m sure y’all’d find totally unnecessary and unaccepted anyway) for my absence.

So that’s done.

And so am I, for now.

As for a beer, well….my choix de jour is not quite Napoleanesque, but it will do. And as for music that I profess to hate, here is a tune that truly resonates with my life at the moment.



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