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Un, Duex, Trois…

Women's World Cup
roy2More time spent with this, than with (writing about) what your are about to read:


It’s almost as if I’m a utility man for a lower mid-table League 2 team, say…for example, York City, and of course it’s summer break and being a utility player I’m certainly not playing international football, so….it’s summer break and few thoughts other than a trek to gym ((not the real me of course)) and then a toddle off to the boozer ((now that’s more like the real me)) occupy my days. Almost like that. Almost.

The aforementioned move is complete, but the settling in is not. So consider this a metaphorical unpacking of boxes perhaps, and nothing more.



roy3Sports is ALSO just a bunch of notes


Watching sports rather than watching sports and then writing about sports has, perhaps, been a relief for some of y’all. But that’s been the order of things lately.

Take yesterday, Saturday June 13th, for those of you butthurt dwellers living in a cave somewhere ((as opposed to a cava, which would not be a bad place to dwell)). There was so much non-stop sports it was endless. Euro 2016 Qualifying; Women’s World Cup; NASCAR Xfinity race from Michigan; Copa America Football; NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race from Madison IL (rain-delayed); Men’s Under 20 World Cup from New Zealand ((I didn’t stay up for the finish as it teed up at Midnight CDT, but Serbia beat USA! USA!! USA!! 5-6 on pens)); all that, plus the 24 Hours of Le Mans!!

So that was a day to write about. And I have just done so without even mentioning that I correctly predicted the final score of the Women’s World Cup tilt between South Korea and Costa Rica….a 2-2 draw.

I did not, however, correctly predict the winner of the Camping World Truck race, however. I had Matt Crafton pegged to win that. Instead, he got pegged on a late restart and finished the race on pit road as Cole Custer went on to take the checkers.

Yes, I don’t know who the fock Cole Custer is either.



roy1England coach Roy Hodgson gives Wayne Rooney & Co their final tactical pep talk before today’s Euro 2016 qualifying match with Slovenia


Looks like the Three Lions took his advice to heart. As I wrap this up, there they are on the pitch, in Ljubljana, Slovenia in bright in red gym clothes trotting around. At the 36th minute it’s Slovenia 0 England 0.

Just about how I’d expect it to be.

I’ll bet that nobody on the England team could properly pronounce Ljubljana.

And at the 37th minute, Milivoje Novakovič sealed that truth for Slovenia by stealing England’s lunch money and stroked one by Joe Hart on the counter. It’s now 1-0.

And I’m thinking I should have picked this on ESPN’s steak for the cash instead of Austria win/draw versus Russia.

But nah….why bother thinking about it. Either pick would serve me well. I’ll be happy with my Austria pick. They are up 1-0 at halftime.

And now…it’s off to work.



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