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Music Vanishes

music1Music vanishes once it’s played….


Only silence resonates/reverberates….somewhere in the caverns of….what…..the heart?? ((ed. See editor’s note in the first ((and only)) comment))

Or, like words not spoken, words not written. Note not played.

There! You hear that?? That bottle that dropped during the intro of Humble Pie’s live version of Dr John Creaux’s “I Walk On Guilded Splinters” from their live album PERFORMANCE: ROCKIN’ THE FILLMORE….?

Music is just a bunch of notes. Or not.

And sports is a just a bunch of everything else, or not.

And these words will also vanish once they’re read.

But don’t get your hopes up.



Chris Sinclair

Chris Sinclair

Chris SinclairEngland 2      Canada 1


In Women’s World Cup history, no team has recovered from a 2-0 deficit to win a match. On Saturday night, Canada gave it their best effort. Their usually stalwart defense went to sleep on Jodie Taylor’s opening goal at the 11th minute. And 3 minutes later there really was no stopping Lucia Bronze for the second. But Canada tightened things up and played the remain 75 minutes of the match with verve and determination and were the better side right up to the end.

Christine Sinclair pulled one back at the 42nd on sheer toughness, guts, and determination.

And I was cheering the rest of the way for a Chris Sinclair hat-trick.

Canada created a lot of chances, but, in some ways like their Team USA counterparts, had difficulty converting them.

I love Chris Sinclair ((she’s the dreamiest!!)); she’s one of the best soccer players in the world and her value to Team Canada is priceless. But like her American counterpart Abby Wambach, she’s nearing the end of her international career and has lost a yard, or meter if you prefer, of pace. She can’t and couldn’t carry Canada on her back anymore.

So there was 90 minutes of exhilaration and jubilance in Vancouver last Saturday night, right until the Uruguayan ref Claudia Umpiérrez ((a vaguely ironic name for a referee, yes?)) blew for time.

And then, it all vanished.

I was hoping for a USA! USA!! USA!!/Canada final.

Christine Sinclair’s curtain call came too early.

Abby Wambach’s is yet to come.



Abby WambachArnold Schoenberg 5      Appleton High East Band 0


Actually, no I don’t know. Something about not keeping score or having a clear winner or loser comes to mind. So maybe I do know. But most concerts have a score (pun intended), and given the quality of the performance there might even be a clear loser (the audience). ((ed. An April 2000 performance by The Smother’s Brothers with The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra comes to mind))

But real reason a concert band isn’t like soccer has to do with soccer itself.

Soccer, it’s been said, is a matter of life or death. But actually, it’s more important than that.

That’s why I write about it so much and generally leave music to it’s own devices.

So listen! Did your hear that?!



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  1. "somewhere in the caverns of….what…..the heart??"

    Bloody HELL anyway!! What was I thinking!! SURELY there has to a be a less puerile, maudlin, or insipid cliche/metaphor to use here, yes??

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