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The Old Farm Derby

The Old Farm Derby
The Old Farm DerbyThe Tractor Boys 1      Norwich City 1


I would be remiss if I didn’t write a post that takes more than its share of digs at Ipswich Town, aka The Tractor Boys. I was originally going to include this take in my previous post, but decided it needed its own moment in the sun.

The East Anglian Derby, or The Old Farm Derby as I and many other prefer to call it, is perhaps the most hotly contested derby in all of England. Norwich City vs Ipswich Town. Whether at Carrow Road or at Portman Road, it’s not to be missed. It is must see TV1 The teams hate each other. The fans hate each other. And if I lived in England instead of SW Wisconsin USA, I would have been at Portman Road cheering on my Carnaries with all my might. If I had been able to get a ticket, of course. If not, I’d have been in one of these pubs. Probably the Wig & Pen, or The Fat Cat & Canary.

Sunday’s derby at Portman Road in Ipswich marked a return of the derby after a 2 year hiatus. It’s the only advantage I can glean from Norwich being relegated back down to the Championship — they get play, and beat Ipswich Town twice a season.

Well….we didn’t beat them on Sunday, but we did come out of Portman Road with a point. And any point earned on the road is a good point.

We should have had all three points as Cameron Jerome opened our account on the 26th minute, but a mid-field/defensive lapse saw Jonas Knudsen grab an equalizer in 1st half stoppage time. And from there, we hung on to keep the point….but with a little more clinical finishing would have seen us take all three points back as we were clearly the best team on the pitch. As the season grinds along, we cant afford to waste those opportunities.


East Anglia DerbyWhat the fuck y’all want me to do…..stick my finger up a tractor’s ass???

Taking all three points home from Portman Road would have been the funniest result of all. Instead we’ll have to settle for Tractor Boy’s gaffer Mick McCarthy’s foul mouthed rant at the Ipswich fans after the match went final. Seems that the Tractor Boy fans weren’t too keen on the 2nd half performance. Norwich were the better team, but Ipswich held them off. Yet….McCarthy is shit and a cunt and they probably wish Alex Neil was their coach instead and all that dross.

But if you want to wear a pint of lager, you know where to find Mick McCarthy.

If you rather drink a pint of lager, then you know where to find me. At Fat Boy Slims, Mineral Point WI in about 10 minutes from now.


Old Farm Derby

  1. I watched this on my pirate TV…

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