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FIFA World Cup 2014: The Age of Monsters & Death

“And the first Group of Death is….”   It’s like those old maps from the grand(iose) days of world exploration, where the high seas all around and leading to Brazil and the New World were peppered with warnings Here There Be Monsters. And after yesterday’s World Cup 2014 Draw, the high seas around and approaching…

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Los Inviernos de 2012

death of che guevara in bolivia

Norway House, Milwaukee WI, 01.07.12 There is a certain part of me would much prefer to be writing about Pablo Neruda, or Federico Garcia Lorca, or the death of Che Guevara in Bolivia in 1967.  The incessant fluttering of migratory birds fills my ears to bursting, and my brain to trembling, and my heart with a searing wanderlust. A Winter wished for.…