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Poetic Justice, Inc.



haiku2The English Premier League Weekend in poetic form.


Since I’m not well versed (see what I did there, Clive?) in classical Japanese poetry, I can’t and will not even pretend to try anything more clever than  a well known 3 line poetic form based on the concept of 5 syllables, then 7 syllables and then 5 syllables. So no, don’t expect anything as elegant as Karuta, the Japanese Card game based upon the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu, a classic Japanese poetry anthology of 100 poems, or waka, written by 100 different poets.

No….none of that. I’m going to keep it as simple and stupid as possible. Here goes.


Burnley 1     Manchester City 0

Shocker at Turf Moor

Pelligrini’s Men were baked

Burnley takes the cake


Leicester City 0      Hull City 0

No one scored for Hull

The Foxes out-foxed no one

Match was dull dull dull


Crystal Palace 3      Queens Park Rangers 1

Selhurst Park was rocked

When Phillips scored a cracker

Hoops lost any way


Chelsea 1      Southampton 1

Chelsea had to win

So did Soton. In the end

Goals and points were shared


ManU(re) 3      Tootenham 0

ManU(re) stinks so bad

On the farm and Old Trafford

Tottenham stunk worse


Everton 3      Newcastle United 0

Toon was out of tune

Everton was glorius

Happiness in ‘Pool


Sunderland 0      Aston Villa 4

Why did Villa win?

Gabriel Abonglahor

Stadium of Dark


West Bromwich Albion 1      Stoke City 0

Sparky’s no Tony

Not a cold rainy Tuesday

Happy at Hawthorns


Arsenal 3      West Ham United 0

Ramsey blew bubbles

Pretty bubbles in the air

Hammer’s bubbles popped


And now….a bold prediction sure to go wrong:


Swansea City ?      Liverpool ?

Liverpool sings like

Ringo, but they still give the

Swans ballet lessons


There. Poetic justice delivered.

As simple and stupid as it gets.


Genesee Bock Beer

Tastes mighty good right now so

I’ll have another



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