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Andy Townsend

Andy Townsend


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Andy Townsend and Clive Tyldesley“I’m just wondering here, Clive….shouldn’t he have just quit blogging already?”


You might have been counting your blessings as the memories (such as they might be) of too many cups of wassail flicker out like the  Christmas lights torn down on the stroke of Twelfth Night. After all, it’s 33% into the first month of new year and it’s been radio silence, and aura bliss, and narry a bit of verbiage or banter about NASCAR, Formula 1, the Bundesliga, the English Premier League, Sailor Moon, and the Focking Gundam Who ALWAYS Wins, to trouble your mind as you lug the Douglas Fir or the Colorado Blue Spruce down to the curb to be carted of by the local garbage service to the ultimate Christmas Tree Hell. It’s perfect, almost. Possibly fairly semi-normal, even. Silent.


The apotheosis of but.

That, plus integer divide by zero. All of sudden.

Is it not the wind, or the wind chill. The weather?

Or it could simply be something more capricious than that.



Magical Boy showsA Magical BOY Show??   Fuck YEH I’m watching this!!!


The Winter 2015 Anime Season looked overall to be fairly tedious to marginally dreadful and uninventive until I reviewed the charts for a 3rd time and read at what the Angry Anime Bitches had to say about things, and this little gem popped out at me. Binan Koukyou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!! Which for you lurkers and butt-hurt dwellers down at The Firehouse in Mt. Horeb translates to Cute High School Boys Love Defense Club!  ((Notice to Airmen: This not Boys Love as I has been construed in a certain Talladega post of mine. Just put an imaginary apostrophe after the word Boys to turn it into a possessive))

I don’t know about you (yes I do) but for me, this is AUTOMATIC MUST-SEE TV!!

As y’all should know by now, I’m always all over Magical Girl Shows. After all, my domain, is my homage to favourite Magic Girl Show of all-time: Hime-chan’s Ribbon.

So when a Magic Boy Show suddenly triggers the mahou-anime radar ((and if you say gay-dar one more time you focking beasts, I will magically transform all your IPA’s into chick-beers….and for those of you quaffing chick beers, with one wave of my jewel-encrusted hand I shall have you drinking nothing but Double IPA’s with IBUs in triple digits for the rest of your time on this mortal coil…..BEER POWER TRANSFORMAAAAAAAAAAATION!!!! )), I am not merely obliged to watch it, I am compelled.

So I popped open a can HAMMS and settled in for the 1st episode, “In The Name Of Love” and by the 1:24 mark I was already laughing my ass off and spewing my beer all over my laptop screen just like Jim Rome’s Clones do on a daily basis. BKCB Love! is that good, that funny, and it hits all the mahou shoujo marks, excepts it’s mahou shonen. And that make it even more funny and amusing….those focking great girly-man outfits. The partially nude transformation sequences for each guy, not that I give fock all about that but it’s funny. Magic wands with hearts on them that power the special love attacks they use to vanquish the doofy villians that are sucking power from hapless mortals.

Yeh yeh….cynical ones. Sure, it’s just like Sailor Moon but with handsome guys instead of cute girls. But that’s what makes it funny and compelling because a guy’s reaction to being placed in that sort of situation skews a little different than girls….but there’s plenty of similarity to make the show genre-bending in a way that is entertaining and intriguing.

I’m anxious to see where they go with this…..knowing full well that they’re going where most all magic girls shows have gone before ((I said most, remember….this one is not going where Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica has gone)). And that’s perfectly well and good, and to be honest, a breath of fresh air to start what appeared at first to be a fairly dull and turgid start to the 2015 anime season. Ron Hornaday will no doubt have this on his list come December, so better a get head start and watch this one now.

So….what was that chick beer you were drinking again?




southampton saints

southampton fcManU(re) 0      Southampton 1


Actually, it didn’t take a group of magical boys to rescue anything or anyone at Old Trafford on Sunday. The visiting Saints dispatched the Red Devils ((Saints vs Devils — see what I did there, Clive?)) at the 69th minute on a sure-footed goal from Dušan Tadić who threaded the needle past De Gea slotting home Wanayama’s rebound off the post, then whirled off to celebrate by stripping off his shirt and flexing his muscles to the visiting Saints fans ((earning himself a yellow card in the process — he should have just done a focking Lambeau Leap)).

Southampton were the better team on the day. They don’t have better individual players than ManU has, but they are by far the better team. The played disciplined, solid football….and their teamwork and coaching paid off with all 3 points on the road. Soton is now in 3rd place, and when the season ends, that’s where I’d expect them to finish.

ManU has already p1ssed away 150 million quid on the lugnuts that Van Gaal had out on the pitch Sunday. For all the good it did, he might as well have spent the £150 mill on chick beer. From the look of it, he probably did. But what the fock, he might as well call on the Cute High School Boys Love Defense Club to save the day. From the look of it, defense is something Mr. Van Gaal could use. Also he could surely have used some of those BKCB Love! attacks the lads made up arbitrarily and used in episode 1 where they vanquished a big evil piece of Japanese food that looked like a churro. It’s actually a chikuwabu, btw…but it looks like a churro.

THERE’s your focking tactical strategy Mr. Van Gaal!!



Madoka“I’m just wondering, Clive…perhaps he should have taken a touch a bit sooner??”


So was it capriciousness after all? Or something entirely different, like hibernation or laziness??

It matters naught much though, as the evidence is right here in front of you whether you want to see it or not.

But as you can see, I’ve really tried to do something different, which is actually write about anime for a change. So more of that, of course, would be good ((well….from MY perspective, of course. But no promises. Only threats.))

And soon, it will all be semi-normal again. And THAT, my droogs, is a threat I intend to keep.

Meanwhilst, it’s all about Magical Boy Shows, Football, Beer….then as the days grow longer, Motorsports. And then more beer. ((Remind me to write about beer more often)).

I’m hoping there, Clive, that Magical Boy shows don’t evolve into Mahou Shouji Madoka Magica realm anytime soon. There needs to be time to savour that newly maniacal sort of, for lack of a better word, innocence.



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