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I’m Just Wondering Here, Clive….

Andy Townsend

“I’m just wondering here, Clive….shouldn’t he have just quit blogging already?”   You might have been counting your blessings as the memories (such as they might be) of too many cups of wassail flicker out like the  Christmas lights torn down on the stroke of Twelfth Night. After all, it’s 33% into the first month…

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Держите голубой флаг полет высокий!!

Rafa Out!

    Reading 2      Chelsea 2   It’s been said that dogs can take on the characteristics and personality of their owner, and I think there’s a home truth to that. What other explanation can there be for Chelsea’s performances of late? Those Capital One Cup matches with Swansea; last Sunday’s FA cup…

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I Want To Go Back To Dreaming About Space

Netherlands  0     Denmark  1 If I could, I would write a million words about the turmoil of the past two weeks.  But there is never enough time or words.  Never enough pictures. The Milwaukee Brewers,  after a 4 game sweep on the road of the  LA Dodgers, the best team in baseball, lost…