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It’s Talladega, Baby!! Fall 2015 Surface Transportation Edition

talladega tits

It’s Talladega, Baby!! And you know what THAT means!!!   Yes indeed, it means exactly what it has meant around here all these years….the things that gives most men a raging boner. But now, this time around, it will also mean things that give some men a raging boner. And no, I’m not referring to…

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No One Gets A Kiss From The Queen

USA Wins

USA 2     Ghana 1   I have no explanation at all why it takes the perils and traumas and suffering and failures of England at the 2014 World Cup to propel a take on USA! USA!! USA!!!’s 2-1 win over Ghana on Monday night. I cannot explain that. But funny and and hah hah and…

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Formula 2

Plan B Ryan Giggs

Chelsea 1     Sunderland 2   The only way I can grasp and comprehend the aforementioned scoreline is this: If Plan A doesn’t work, you go to Plan B. If Plan B doesn’t work, try Formula 2. I mean, really now, what the FOCK anyway?!! It was freaking SUNDERLAND one time there now!! SUNDERLAND!!…

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Держите голубой флаг полет высокий!!

Rafa Out!

    Reading 2      Chelsea 2   It’s been said that dogs can take on the characteristics and personality of their owner, and I think there’s a home truth to that. What other explanation can there be for Chelsea’s performances of late? Those Capital One Cup matches with Swansea; last Sunday’s FA cup…

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End Of The World

Stoke City 0      Chelsea 4   After enduring the horrid 2-0 drubbing at the hands of Swansea in the opening Capitol One Cup draw, at home, at The Bridge, I am sure most Chelsea fans, myself included would have felt a certain trepidation ahead of Saturday’s Premier League tilt with Stoke City, at…

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Halt! NONE Shall Pass!!

Euro 2012

Sweden 2    England 3 Spain 4    Ireland 0 After Matchday 2 of Euro 2012, Sweden and Ireland are officially 2 and done. Or in Ireland’s case, 2 and Dunne. They’ll play their final games against France and Italy respectively, and then shove off for Stockholm and Dublin to drown their sorrows. While I never had…