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Little Worlds of Spite and Hate

Rooney is a twat

Fock ManU(re)What colour Dress are THESE twats wearing??


Against a real football club, such as ArseAnal ((see what I did there, Clive?)) or thier Noisy Neighbors, or my beloved Chelski ((See? I do have a sense of humour after all…)), ManU(re) would not have won this game based upon their run of play. But, alas, this match was against Sunderland, so the final from Old Trafford was 2-0. Rooney gazoomed a pelanty past all 6’8″ of Costel Pantilimon. He later shazammed a header past the aforementioned 6’8″ of Costel Pantilimon in what was ostensibly garbage time as The Black Cats were down to 10 men as result of the also aforementioned pelanty.

So what colour was the dress those twats were wearing?



Fock ManU(re)BLUE is the correct answer.

Yes. despite what you THINK you’ve seen, or are seeing, ManU(re) was wearing blue today. As for Sunderland, it should be obvious that they were wearing BLACK!!  For all the good it did.



rurh derby

echte liebe!!!Borussia Dortmund 3      Schalke 0


Local derbies always involve some sort of spite and hate. And the Ruhr derby today between Dortmund and Schalke is no exception. But I hardly noticed any today. This is a derby that I wouldn’t miss for the world, and I didn’t. And even though it took Dortmund til the 78th minute to crack Schalke open with a slick goal by Pierre-Emerick Aubemayang, Dortmund was the better team on the day and it was not a matter of if, but when. Aubemayang answered that question.

And then, all hell broke loose. It was the Heavy Metal Football we’ve been missing all season. Mhkitarian scored barely a minute later on sliding goal off a Gündogen cross as Dortmund held Schalke by the balls and cranked it up to 11. Marco Reus scored an encore goal at the 86th minute and Dortmund was going for more when the ref finally blew for time.

Spite and hate?? None of that for me here. Echte Liebe!! Echte Liebe!! True Love makes the world go ’round.

Echte Liebe macht die Weltumdrehung!!

This was the football we should have been playing all season but for some mysterious reason (except for the Champions League) haven’t . Until now.

Echte Liebe!!!



seb vettel

ricciardo wins 2015 F1 Championship

tractor boysSpot the Tractor Boy in this picture.


Tomorrow morning, my Norwich City Canaries tee it up Carrow Road against the hated Tractor Boys from down the A140 in Ipswich one time there now. It’s The East Anglian Derby and is the third most fiercely contended derby in all of English football ((topped only by the Tyne/Wear derby ‘tween Newcastle and Sunderland; and the Black Country derby ‘tween West Brom and Wolverhampton)).

So the Tractor Boys will be chugging up to Norwich on their tractors (pun not intended) and yes, on their donkeys, and so forth to get their (always) deserved spanking, and then off they go back to Ipswich on their tractors, donkeys, hay wagons, and so on.

Just to show I have a sense of humour, this derby has also been called The Old Farm Derby.

My prediction is Norwich City 3, Ipswich Town 1.

And speaking of spite and hate, the 2015 F1 season is almost upon us with Australian Gran Prix teeing off on Sunday March 15. I’ll cover this in a little more detail as we get closer to the start, but for now, suffice it to that you are not seeing things when you see Seb Vettel wearing red. No…he’s not wearing a blue dress, it actually IS red. Seb has gone on to Ferrari and is joined by Kimi Räikkönen. We’ll see how that goes.

We of course know what will continue to go on at Mercedes:

fuck you too, lewis“Fuck you, Nico.”   Fuck you too, Lewis.”

Yes it will be that. Business as usual.

But this season those two little pals might not be owning the podium like they did last year. In fact, neither of them might even make the podium some weeks let alone win the Championship.

I’ve got a hunch, a feeling, that the F1 Champion this season just might be none other than Daniel Ricciardo, the lad from Australia who trumped Vettel last season and finished 3rd in the points. Coming from me, a big Lewis Hamilton fan that I am, that’s a bold prediction. But it’s got a ring of truth to it. The 2015 F1 season is bound to shake things up quite a bit. And Daniel Ricciardo is as likeable as they come.

And finally, there is this:





86bUž žádné pivo, navždy!!!


I’m not quite sure what to say about all this at the moment…but the pictures tell 3,000 words, so that will have to suffice for now.

There is also the matter of truth, but that, too, will have to wait.

Since the truth is not available at press time, if anyone asks why Evil Schmitty hasn’t been seen at The Grumpy Troll lately, this lie is the best one to tell….Just tell ’em Evil Schmitty died in a fiery motorcycle wreck while enroute from Plzen, Czech Republic to Belgrade, Serbia. It’s the only lie that actually makes any kind of sense.

Plus, that little story is rather amusing. Unlike the truth, whatever that is.

So there ya go.

And now here I go….off to The Firehouse for some fine craft beer from Karben4.



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