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This Land Is My Land

This blog kills facists!!
WARNING: This Blog Kills Fascists!!

Instead of writing words to the effect of:

There’s a better world a’coming…but I surely don’ know when. I don’t know if it’s been just the weather, or the emotional weather, the economy, or just the beat down broken spell of time that has been clutching my heart. But I haven’t felt this grim and empty in a long time. I’m having hard time getting a handle on anything meaningful….it all seems shallow and worthless, every word or thought that I can barely bring to life. They come out as withered and dead as the land.

Then again, perhaps everything I’ve written up to this point on this bloog from the day it began has come out the same way, but I’m sort of counting on that to be false. But it seems hopeless at the moment, hopeless beyond any redeeming.

Yes, instead of writing words to that effect, I will pull a few random bits from the world of sport, toss it up here with some paint, and hope it doesn’t look or sound or feel anything like a mental asylum, stomach hospital, or a state, county or federal prison. Steal a bunch of shit from Woody Guthrie, Charles Bukowski, and Zola or Kakfa and call it a day. Now I know why the Elves in Tolkien left for The West.



Smoke Wins Firecracker 400; The Dinger Does Drugs?

90 minutes before the start of yesterday’s Firecracker 400n at Daytona, A.J. Allmendinger was suspended by NASCAR for a positive drug test taken at random last weekend after the race at Kentucky. I hope that The Dinger won’t drag us or drug us down Mayfield’s thorny primrose path. I really hope it’s false positive or something fairly innocuous like a little ill-advised puff of hippy lettuce….or maybe something in a cold medication, vitamin pack, or sexual dysfunction remedy. Sam Hornish Jr.was dragged off his boat and flown to Daytona just in time to hop in the #22 Shell Dodge which he piloted to a 33rd place finish. Please Dinger, no Mayfield stuff, okay?? And Memo To The Youth Of Today:  Stick to the Beer. Beer is a continuous blood.

As for Smoke, fairplay to him on winning after the wreckfest at the end. He side-drafted Matt and Biff and they got out of sync enough for Smoke to pass as Matt held back a bit so Biff could hook back up. But for naught as Biff got pulled into the final wreck and finished 21st as Matt drove on and finished 3rd. Matt had the best car all night, led the most laps, but as he admitted after the race, he should have drag-raced Smoke to the finish instead of waiting on The Biff.



The AVB Project, Part 2

Andre Villas-Boas was finally unveiled as the new coach at Tottenham ending weeks of speculation and whinging. In order to get hired, AVB had to show some contriteness and humility in the wake of his dismal season at Chelsea. Hopefully, he’s learned a lesson or three. Also, Daniel Levy is no Roman Abromovich. Gareth Bale has signed on and AVB will be inheriting a team that might better suit is tactical nous. Gareth Bale is on board, so that’s going to help. So I hope it goes better for AVB at White Hart Lane. As long as the Spuds always and forever finish lower than my Chelsea Blues and my Norwich City Canaries…I can graciously wish AVB all the success in the world with his little project. Yes I can.



At LAST!!  Goal Line Technology is finally here!!

FIFA and Sepp Blatter, of all people has embraced goal-line technology. The English Premier League has adopted goal-line technology for next season.

But Sepp’s Luddite pal at UEFA, Michel Platini is stubbornly opposed to it, and to (all) technology in general. Platini is no doubt also opposed to such technological advances like flush toilets, running water, deodorant, and horseless carriages that speed us to our destinations like the very wind! Oh the horrors of technology!! Come on Michel, if your ol’ buddy Sepp, who thinks that racism can be solved with a simple handshake, can get behind this, so can you. But until you do, just remember that when you wipe, DON’T grab the short end of the stick.



Víkingur 0     Gomel 6

This is what we’ve been reduced to this week. Horrifying Europa League 1st Round qualifiers in, for the most part, a series of grim European shit-holes. No England teams yet…in fact, none from the major soccer powers, until the 3rd round qualifiers where Liverpool will or could duke it out with the  Inter Bakis or FK Liepājas Metalurgs of Europe’s seething football underbelly. Not don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I can’t get behind the Europa League qualifiers. I can. I will. But…it’s the lull between EPL seasons that has me feeling down…reduced to Vikingur getting smoked in their Faroe Island homeland at the 3000 seat Sarpugerði, by the Belarus lads from Gomel led by a brace at the 52nd and 55th minute by the inestimable Vyatcheslav Hleb. The return leg will be held next Thursday at the 14,307 seat Stadyen Central’ny in Gomel, Belarus. I’m not figuring on the outcome to be much different.

So until then, or the Shirak vs. Rudar 2nd leg in Armenia, I will now stop writing, and hopefully, start believing. And hopefully when I do, there will be a trail of dead fascists in my wake. And if not, please humour my imagination.



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