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The False 17

the false 17

Matt Kenseth Leaves Roush Racing; The New False 17??; Spain Will Park The Bus Again…BELIEVE IT!!

NASCAR, along with all it’s fans, was turned on it’s ear this past week with the announcement that Matt Kenseth was leaving Roush Racing, where’s he’s been for all intents and purposes all his adult life, at the end of this season. His contract was up at the end of the season, but like me, I think everyone assumed that Roush would resign him and have a real sponsorship deal all hammered out and all would be well with the world. Matt would be a lifer at Roush just as Gordon is a life at Hendrick. But the bombshell dropped at Sonoma last weekend still reverberates through the motorsports world. And the biggest burning question is not WHY, but WHERE!

The odds on favourite is Joe Gibbs Racing. Paddy Power is even laying odds of a rook on that one. Okay…not really. But you get the drift. The chatter is Matt gets the 20 Home Depot Toyota and Joey Logano is either cut adrift or handed the keys to a 4th Gibbs ride…with 4th Gibbs ride being the clubhouse favourite. Penske, Childress and Ganassi are longshots on the morning line with Hendrick being an overnight scratch.Stewart Haas? Only if this was a claiming race…and only to show.

But here’s something to think about. Here in Wisconsin, there are lots of TV Commercials for Blain’s Farm & Fleet headquarters in Janesville, Wisconsin that feature Matt Kenseth and his son Ross…who races in the ASA series and is sponsored by Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Why would Matt make a decision that potentially jeopardize that, when a simple solution is potentially at hand. There’s been some talk about Richard Petty switching back to Dodge ((and believe me that you can pretty much bet ALL of your mother-in-law’s money that Dodge will commit the GNP of any Eastern European shithole of a country you can name to make that happen…especially since the Captain has abandoned ship for Ford next season….and especially since they would get Matt Kenseth as their spokesman)). Also, the money man behind RPM, Andrew Murstein wants to grow the team and make it relevant again.

So here’s what happens. Matt moves to RPM and takes over the #9 Dewalt/Stanley Dodge. Back home with Dewalt, and guess what….no conflict with Blain’s Farm & Fleet since they sell all the tools that Matt would be promoting. Perfect fit. And then Ambrose moves to a new 3rd ride at RPM and sponsorship for him wont cost as much as sponsorship for Matt. It would be a great get for RPM and maybe the Petty name can become relevant again. And Matt will still be working a guy who wears a cool-looking hat.

We shall see what happens.


There Is NOTHING Racist About Godzilla; Mario Balotelli vs. Spain

Mario Balotelli, yes THAT Mario Balotelli, led the Azurri to a stunning 2-0 upset of Germany to reach the Euro 2012 final against Spain tomorrow. And how was he rewarded in his adopted native land? By top Italian newspaper Gazetta dello Sport newspaper printing a cartoon portraying Mario Belotelli as King Kong swatting soccer balls as he clung to Big Ben.

I mean really now….what the fuck?? How the hell can you do that to anyone, let alone one of your own.

Enough of the racist fucktardery. I’m figuring that Spain will park the bus again, and go with a “False 9” (Fabregas) instead of a real 9 (Torres). I’m figuring Italy will go balls-out and damn the consequences. Italy has nothing to lose and everything to gain. They will live by the sword or die trying. I’m figuring on the former. And if Balotelli scores early, then it could be all over. Del Bosque will HAVE to put Torres at that point. And if it goes to pens, well Spain will truly be doomed. The only sure hope for Spain is if they start Torres. If not, Mario Balotelli will be only #9 left standing.



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