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I Will Sell You A PABST For $1.50

Spain Parks The Bus

Yes. I will sell you a tallboy of PABST for $1.50, if you’re polite, and can tell me what you like about America. That’s fair, yes? It could be any number of things from Guns to NASCAR, parodies or paradigms. Your call. Tell me what you really feel. But remember, ONLY if you’re polite.

As for Spain, well I’m not sure what deal I can offer there. As expected, they swatted the fackin’ Frenchies aside 2-0 in Donetsk yesterday. And so far, it’s going as expected. Germany 4-2 over Greece ((the 2 goals by Greece concern me somewhat….and there’s rumours of a mole in the German camp who’s feeding the opposition the starting lineups and tactics)) Actually, the goals by Greece concern me because it utterly ruined my Euro 2012 fantasy football team for Gameday 2 of the Quarter-finals. Portugal toppled my Czechs on 1-0. And as I type this, England and Italy are underway in Kiev.

Speaking of facking Frenchies  ((okay okay, French Canadian)), Jacques Villenueve ruined Danica’s great day at Road America by coming into turn 5 of the final lap too hot and turning her into the gravel as if he were Dale Freakin’ Earnhardt. Instead of finishing 4th, Danica took 12th.  Tony Eury Jr. didn’t take too kindly to his antics after the race. Jacques’ explanation?? “Perhaps eet ees because I am Canadien…!”

As for today’s Sprint Cup race at Sears Point….I’m still at a loss for words to explain how a guy from fackin’ KANSAS was able to win it! Really now!! Clint Bowyer grew up in Kansas and there are NO roads in Kansas with any curves…they go in a straight focking line through wheat fields and tornado devastation for a several hundred miles with no end in sight. But fair play to Clint Bowyer, as inexplicable as his victory might seem.




There Will Always Be An England

The Three Lions punched above their weight for much of Euro 2012, and today, I really thought they’d punch on through. They started brightly, playing an attacking football that was VERY un-Englandlike, and damn anyway, Rooney almost punched one home in the first half…but….Buffon saved the day for The Azzurro. The game was 0-0 at fulltime, and 0-0 after 30 minutes of extra time. The game went to pens, and I really thought that England would pull it out. But…Ashley Cole missed his kick as did Ashley Young. And Antonio Nocerino and Alessandro Diamonti stuck theirs in the back of the net to seal the deal and move on to face Germany. The Germans still haven’t found the spy in their midst.

I have to applaud the way England played in Euro 2012, and their play bodes well for the future. They have some young guys who will improve with age, and for the first time in forever they actually played as a team. I must also give props to Roy Hodgson. He’s done a hell of a great job in a short amount of time under near-dire circumstances. Roy gets a PABST for FREE!

But I’ll still sell you a PABST for $1.50, IF you are polite, and tell me what you like about America.

As for me, what I like about America….what I like about America is the scenery!



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  1. Cesc Fabregas @ Radio Five Live: "Those people who think we are playing boring…in my opinion they don't understand the game."

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