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Tell Me Something I Don’t Already Know

DAMN the damned ability of Jimmie Johnson and the evil mechanations of Chad Knaus!!

The top of the lineup for this evening’s Subway Fresh Fit 600 from Phoenix is full of WTF?  I mean that sincerely. A.J. Allmendinger will tee it off first alongside Scott Speed. In the next row, Sam Hornish Jr and Marcus Ambrose tee off 3rd and 4th respective. I mean really…WTF??  These guys are no back markers, mind you, but really…what the shit. This is like a Final Four of all mid-majors duking it out (pun not intended). This is like a Final Four of Butler, Weber State, UTEP and Siena or something. Who the hell are these guys and what the hell are they doing here?

Well, I hope it lasts. But I have my doubts. The next 4 out are Junior, Logano, Montoya and Truex. And lurking back in 16th on the starting grid, using the same chassis ((that would be Chassis No. 540 for those of you keeping score at home)) he used to win at Phoenix last fall is Jimmie Johnson who is currently at the top the of the table 14 points up on The Biff, and 16 points up on Matt Kenseth, who would be in the lead if naught for the petulance of That Homo Jeff Gordon.

Obviously, these mid-markers will not be there at the end even though Allmendinger DID have a fast 2nd practice speed. It pains me to say this, but the odds on favourite to win this tonight is Jimmie Johnson. He holds the record for most wins at Phoenix. I hate the thought of that. The same dull tedious shite at the top of the table. I suppose fans of Sunderland and Blackburn are right sick as well of Chelsea, Arsenal and Man U always at the top of the table.

Now Junior qualified well, and the Busch boys, especially Kurt usually fare well here. Kyle won last night’s Nationwide race despite being black-flagged. Mark Martin won last spring’s race here and has 2 career wins at Phoenix. Jeff Burton does well here and I’m still on the bandwagon. So there is some measure of hope for us who would like to see the excellence of Jimmie Johnson’s damned ability cut down to size, or, rather see a different form of excellent arise from the ashes of our boredom. Will this happen? Or will our hopes be dashed again.

By the time you will most likely read this, you will already know the answer. I wonder if there is anything you don’t already know!


Manchester United 3   Bayern München 2

For example, you already know that despite beating Bayern München 3-2 at Old Trafford, Manchester United was eliminated from Champions League competition. Bayern München moves on with the tie-break….2 road goasl to 1 for Man U. Wayne Rooney actually made the start for Man U, and he came out on the pitch to a thunderous roar with, either a cane, or a walker, I’m not sure which, and inspired his mates to a 3-0 lead on goals by Gibson at the 5 minute mark and Nani at the 7 minute and 41 minute mark. But it was all Deutschland after that as Ivica Olić notched a nice goal at the 43 minute mark. Arjen Robben’s decisive goal at the 74 minute mark sealed Man U’s fate. Bayern München lost the battle at Old Traford, but they won the war. And for the first time in years, the final four of the Champions League will be without a team from England.

For the record, Bayern München will face Lyon in the semi-finals. Both are fortunate not to have drawn Inter Milan or FC Barcelona, who will duke it out with each other in the other semi-final. THAT mayhem starts April 20th at Stadio Guiseppe Meazza. That will be an interesting 2 legs. Lyon will begin their tilt with Bayern München at Fußball Arena München the next day. The 2nd legs are on the 27th and 28th of April at Stade de Gerland and Camp Nou respectively.

Now here’s something you DON’T know.  My prediction is that Bayern München will face FC Barcelona in the finals on Saturday, May 22nd in Madrid.

I just KNEW there was something you didn’t know.  *hop hop*!!


And there’s one MORE thing you don’t already know, until now, that is. I’ve decided to SELL OUT!! Sponsorship makes the world go ’round. At the track, on the pitch. Hit bull, win steak!! It’s almost frightening to think of what I could do with all those sponsorship dollars and euros and yen!! Yessiree. No more back marker, no more start & park for me! See ya Joe Nemechek, I’m going to the Front Row!


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