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It’s Talladega, Baby!! Spring 2013 Gen 6 Edition

tits at talladega

It’s Talladega, Baby!! And You know what THAT means…..!!!!   It means, as you should know by now, that we are going to engage in a gentlemanly discourse about soccer, Formula 1, the Stanley Cup playoffs, the National Basketball Association, the World Rally Championship, and the applicability of certain Japanese Magical Girl Anime show mascots…

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It’s Talladega, Baby!! Fall 2012 Cream Puff Edition

Talladega Tits

It’s Talladega, Baby!! And you know what THAT means!!   CREAM PUFFS!!! Yes, you read that right. And if you think I’m just kidding about that, you savages think wrong. This time, dignity, style and culture will finally hold sway. Something has to hold sway in this terrible autumnal season of quisling replacements officials and the…

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Look Forward In Anger

It’s probably a blessing in more ways than one that my wife and I don’t live in some grim, Northern shithole like Leeds or Bolton or Wolverhampton in merry old England. Instead we dwell up on Military Ridge in the Driftless Zone of SW Wisconsin, a place of releatively more impassioned beauty. But then again,…

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The Proof Is In The Theorem

I don’t know if any of this proves anything or not. Fernando Torres led hapless Liverpool to a 2-1 win over Blackburn with a game winning goal at the 56 minute mark. It might have saved the day, and Roy Hodgson’s job, but can it save the season? And this week England’s long national nightmare…