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The Championship Years

OnThe Ball, City

Back In The Good Old Days   Clint Dempsey’s final match for Fulham vs Newcastle United was a remarkable affair for both himself and The Cottagers. Fulham gave the Magpies a sound 5-2 thrashing as Clint Dempsey became the first American to ever get a hat trick in the Premier League. And instead of smacking…

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Держите голубой флаг полет высокий!!

Rafa Out!

    Reading 2      Chelsea 2   It’s been said that dogs can take on the characteristics and personality of their owner, and I think there’s a home truth to that. What other explanation can there be for Chelsea’s performances of late? Those Capital One Cup matches with Swansea; last Sunday’s FA cup…

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  Leeds United 1       Chelsea 5 Chelsea 8      Aston Villa 0   The orders were hooped up to Rafa Benitez somewhere between Leeds and Wakefield. I can almost imagine one of Roman Abramovich’s minions hiding the weeds across from Thorpe Wood hooping the orders up and getting his arm torn off in the…

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Rafa OUT: The Crying of Lot SW6

Rafa OUT??? What the hell did I do to piss everyone off?? I should not write a thing at the moment. I’m just too pig-biting mad! But, I’ve never let the facts get in the way of the truth, so why stop now. And as for facts, while I’ve never actually read Thomas Pynchon’s The…

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Concepts Of Zero

Juventus 3     Chelsea 0 Let me get this out of the way straight up. Zero is not always the coolest number. That is one of the many concepts of zero. There are more concepts of zero than you can imagine. And more of them are being discovered everyday. And if you want to…