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All-Season, Almighty, and All-Okay!!


Yay!!! I get to WRITE something!!!  ((But you get to read it…..))   Generally speaking, my year-end posts have taken a mordant tone as the year draws to a close…a tone that I’ve wrestled with in the past to limited degrees of success. I’ve never much cared for the facile notion of looking back on…

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The (*redacted*) King of Truck Drivers!!

kyle busch is a douchebag

I am the motherfucking KING of Truck Drivers!! You want to know why?? Because I’m motherfucking Kyle Busch. That’s why!!!   Whether you think Kyle Busch is a douchebag, or an asshole, or an insufferable twat, or the reigning King of Faggotry, or not, you have to admit that in NASCAR, at least, he is The…