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If I were the editorial staff of the MIRROR, I would probably have closed this little reportage to any sort of repartee. This is my comment to said reportage, but as I type this on my trusty Adler J-5, my comment has to yet hit the MIRROR. Perhaps it is because I am too verbose?? Hey…it’s only 500 words or less…  Onward:

Instead, the Field Goblins have been set loose to run amok ((or, insert *the name of your favourite, non-racial, villain/beast/monster from World of Warcraft/Final Fantasy* HERE)). I chose Field Goblins since I used to play DragonRealms back in the good ol’ days of 1996. And that seems apropos. But, feel free to substitute depending on your predilections. And yes, I DO have a job, and it’s NOT Paladin.

So now it seems that the swirl of hypocrisy does not allow Chelsea to make a claim of racism? ((read the comments, of course)) Really??  I thought this all was supposed to be a matter of principle, not a matter of which team you think sucks (( as an aside, I wonder which vile team Richard Fenton supports….ah..he’s probably a Minnesota Vikings (((Vike-Queens))) fan)) and should burn and rot in hell. And by extension, how DARE a team with John Terry as it’s Captain ((even though found not guilty in a court of law)) ever claim racist (or even ethnic)  abuse?? Is that it??

Well…hopefully the FA will apply the same standard they applied to BOTH Terry and Suarez, just to be fair and balanced. Since the PRINCIPLE of the thing is what really matters after all, right? And the FA is gormandized with principle, and so?

So enough of this two with one blow flummery ((and it WOULD be quite a feat to racially abuse BOTH a black man (John Obi Mikel) and a white man (Juan Mata) in the span of a few descending series of moments there now, if it wasn’t so despicably facile to do so)). Clattenburg’s ((alleged)) racist behavior aside, Chelsea wrote their own ticket at the start, got handcuffed and had a ride in the back of a police car with AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell” playing on the radio instead of the usual cop chatter for the first 1/3rd of the match….that ride was on them. As for the rest, well…time will tell. But anytime a ref imposes himself on a match, whether it’s soccer, baseball, the OTHER football match that was occuring in London when this little bit of argy bargy was going off, hockey, basketball, and sumo wrestling, nothing much good will come of it.

And unfortunately for the team in  blue, a match that probably should have been won was lost, but…more unfortunately for the man in black, a decent career might be gone forever, or a day.

Sian Massey, where are you when we truly need you?!!

So word to y’all….make sure your shoes are tied, but…be careful when you bend over.



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