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Danica patrick
mikel chelskiI knew there was a catch….

Everton 21    Chelsea 42

I’ve always thought, as I’ve mentioned before, that these bloogs and online sadness diaries were supposed to be all about me. From the day  time, or blogging, began, whichever came first, I’ve always assumed this to be the case. But recently it’s come to my attention that blogs are really meant for others to read….and all of the SEO optimization techniques that are supposed to suck up readership like a focking cosmic vacuum cleaner are really geared towards what others want to read, not towards what I want to write. It’s an amusing conundrum that I’ve alluded to before en passant.

Now I’m sure, since this is really meant for others to read instead of for me to write, that I’m merely being humoured, at best, if I write up a take on Chelsea’s 3-6 thrilling defeat of Everton up at Goodison Park this past Saturday when what others actually wish to read is something about Justin Bieber growing tits, or something like that. Or, I should write about something someone wants to buy, preferably from me, and use that as a targeted keyword six times in the article in ways that makes the article sound totally natural and human and compels the reader to take massive action and click the BUY NOW button.

But fuck it! I don’t want to write about Justin Bieber growing tits or whatever the fock. And I don’t want to sell you strap-on tits so you can emulate Justin Bieber growing tits.

Fock. If I’m going to sell you something, I’d rather sell you terminal emulator software for your Android phone. 10% OFF If you LIKE me on Facebook!!

Anyway, one of my reader(s) asked me why I haven’t written anything about the Arena Bowl.

Well….I never think about the Arena Bowl.

But since you asked, the Arena Bowl XXVII was played on August 24th in Cleveland OH. Defending champs Arizona Rattlers won their third Arena Bowl on the trot toppling the hometown Cleveland Gladiators by a score of 72-32. This was the highest margin of victory in Arena Bowl history.

So there’s yer focking Arena Bowl.



manchester united relegation Burnley 0      ManU(re) 0


I really should have started Kieran Trippier on my EPL Fantasy Football team this week. I’d have picked up all 6 points from him.

And speaking of points, it’s unusual to see a relegation 6 pointer this early in the campaign, but that’s what this game amounted to.  Burnley, with less talent, more than earned their point, and probably should have grabbed all 3.

Honestly, on the evidence of this match, there is no reason to think that Man U is nothing more than a mid-table team at best. I don’t care how many focking big name players they sign, seal and deliver from Angel de Maria, to Radamal Falcao (on loan) to Marco Rojos (maybe) to Daley Blind (done & dusted). It matters naught how many big name players they already have, from van Persie, to Mata, to Captain Wayne Rooney. The players they’ve got have been playing like donkeys, stubbornly refusing to yield to the changes that are being made to the squad and how it plays. Good show in summer friendlies doesn’t mean shite.

The real deal was up the road at Turf Moor in Burnley. 3rd match of the season and all Man U could muster was no goals and a point. No goals with all the attacking might. No goals with Rooney leading the squad. Bloody hell anyway.

Obviously last season was not David Moyes after all, apparently. And this season can naught be laid at the feet of Louis Van Gaal (which is pronounced Louis Van Gaal, for those linguistic pedants lingering about at Chadwick’s in wonderful downtown Appleton Wisconsin USA!USA!! USA!!! which has the same population as Burnley UK)). Not just yet anyway.

It’s the players. On paper they should dominate, but matches aren’t played on paper. I’m thinking that they’re being stubborn, subconsciously stubborn more likely, in that they seemingly won’t, refuse to, or can’t accept what they’re not accustomed to….which is any coaching or tactics that are not emanating from the flaming hairdryer of Lord Ferg.

Well lads, as a Chelsea fan I hate to remind you that there is no more Fergie Time ((if only because y’all might actually take me up on my reminder)). No more. Not ever again. Sorry to have to remind you spoiled little twats brats.



Louis van GaalThe New Lord Ferg With The Pet Ferret On His Head® is forced to change his tactical approach


When Brendan Rodgers took over at Liverpool, quite a few of the players he has now were there then. He brought a new style, approach, and mentality to Liverpool and instead of being stubborn about it, the players embraced it. Especially the captain, Steven Gerrard. Rodgers has since added new pieces to the puzzle, and let others who were good and willing players, but not always the best at their position, move on to other teams. And look at the craziness he’s dealt with…..first Luis Suarez. He got that boy in line in a hurry, at least for last season. And now he’s embraced Mario Balotelli ((albeit reluctantly)) and I’m confident he will work his wonders again. Liverpool looks poised to challenge us for the top spot….but I don’t see them knocking us off our perch.

At Swansea, Garry Monk took over February last season on an interim basis after the sacking of reasonably popular coach Michael Laudrup ((Laudrup taken over in 2012 when Brendan Rodgers left Swansea to take the Liverpool job)) and steered his old squad to safety after a season plagued by injuries to Michu and the unexpected rigours of a Europa League schedule. The players rallied around him and while Michu has been sent off to Napoli on loan. Monk has the gig full time this season and has opened the campaign with all 9 points and are 2nd to Chelsea on goal differential. Oh yes, Swansea teed it off this season with 1-2 win at Old Trafford.

My little point here is that while coaches and gaffers can make a difference, without the players falling in line, it matters naught how good they are.  Captain Wayne Rooney and his stubborn band of twats should take that lesson to heart, but hopefully not too soon. After all, ManU(re)’s turmoil is always good for some laughs. So maybe they should ignore everything I’ve said and keep up the dreadful work.

Or maybe Louis Van Gaal should just say fuck it, and hire the entire Dutch National Team.

Anyway, I’m sorry I made you read all this, instead of allowing you to read about Justin Bieber growing tits.

Or maybe you simply wanted to hear about the NASCAR race at Atlanta last night.


Danica patrickDanica Patrick finished 6th in last night’s Oral-B USA 500 at Atlanta. Her Best Career Finish EVER!!!


There’s yer focking NASCAR.

And now’s it’s time for a beer you don’t want to drink, and then some music you rather not listen to.




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