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There were better days for Hereford United, but even then, they still had shite to clean up. Now, they’ve fallen to the 7th division of English football, are £1.3 million in debt, and their most recent former manager is forcing them into bankruptcy because he hasn’t been been paid….actually, it’s a bit worse than mere bankruptcy, since what he’s filed is a winding-up petition, which means that if his petition get’s thumbs up from the courts, Hereford United get’s thumbs down and will cease to exist.

The world would be a better place if beef, hops, and cider ruled the day.

Meanwhile, keep the shovel handy.



captain6— Insert future Manchester United or England loss here —


I was hoping, of course, that Xherdan Shakiri (the Alpine Lionel Messi) had cut England to the quick; and that Stephan Lichtensteiner had doinked a match-winning header past Joe Hart off a Ricardo Rodriguez corner. But since that did not happen, the picture will be saved for another day. A 3-2 Switzerland win would have done nicely. But such was not to be. England took this Euro 2016 Qualifying opener 0-2.

To be honest, since I had Raheem Sterling starting on my Euro 2016 Qualifying Fantasy Football team, I wanted England to score. Goals and/or assists from Raheem Sterling would suit my purposes nicely. No dull tedious shite like their 0-0 friendly with Norway.

But unfortunately, for comedy purposes, it actually seemed to go well for England in their Euro 2016 qualifying opener. Welbeck scored both goals off assists by Sterling and Lambert. Rooney showed a level of confidence and verve that has been missing as of late. Most pundits named him Man of the Match. But I think that’s going a bit too far. For me, Raheem Sterling was the key.

Everyone figures England will advance from from their group. I happen to figure that as well.

I only wish they’d find a little more misfortune along the way. For comedic purposes only, of course.



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